Is there a big difference between filigree and plain silk in terms of taste and smoke?

Is there a big difference between filigree and plain silk in terms of taste and smoke? There may be many friends who are new to electronic cigarettes and do not understand the concept of filament and filament, nor do they know how electronic cigarettes work. In fact, the method of generating smoke from electronic cigarettes is very simple, that is, heating the resistance wire through the power output of the battery, and then evaporating the e-liquid through the atomizing components such as cotton core or ceramic core, so as to achieve the effect of releasing smoke, and then we can smoke. used.

There may be many friends who use small cigarette equipment and finished atomizers who will say, I don’t need to make and replace the resistance wire, that is because the product has a built-in heating atomization structure when it leaves the factory, so you can directly replace the cigarette. It can be used by bombing or replacing the finished atomizing core and injecting e-liquid, which saves a lot of tedious steps of wire feeding and burning.

Of course, some friends have been pursuing taste and great smoke. After all, good oil needs products, just like good tea needs a tea ceremony, so many DIY atomizers are loved and sought after by the majority of players. Whether it is an RTA, RDA or RDTA atomizer, one thing is inseparable, that is, making silk.

At present, the resistance wires that are often used by the majority of players are: A1 alloy wire (iron-chromium-aluminum) and nickel wire (Ni80) are more, like the earlier temperature control wire, few people are using it, because the operation is difficult, it needs to be reserved. There is too much knowledge, and it is also very complicated to play, so I won’t mention it here.

After understanding the material, let’s talk about the concept of silk and filigree:

①Plain silk, as the name suggests, is a single wire, which will be divided into different wire diameters (thickness), generally the more common and used ones are 0.25mm, 0.32mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm (31AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG, 24AWG, 22AWG, 21AWG).
②Filigree is fancy heating wire, which is made of more than one heating wire in different ways compared to plain wire, such as three-core Clapton (CLAPTON), which is surrounded by three resistance wires of the same thickness A layer of resistance wire with a thinner wire diameter will have a larger heating area.


There are two types of players who use Susi: One is those who like to play with the taste, because Susi can analyze the layering of e-liquid, which is more suitable for mouth and light lung smoking. The loose winding can make the taste of the e-juice lessen, and the dense winding can make the smoke stronger; the second is that some “old-school hardcore players” still play big smoke with plain silk by themselves, because there was no filigree in the early years. This kind of gameplay, everyone is spinning, and feelings and habits cannot be changed casually.


People who use filigree generally use it to play big smoke. One is that it has a larger heating area, and smoking a single flavor of e-liquid can resolve a very strong taste, and the layering will be weak; the second is that the silk is easy to apply. After you get it, you can directly reduce the excess part, fix it, and then wear the oil-conducting cotton, which not only enriches the fun of DIY, but also does not lose the stimulation of the big smoke.

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