Is the smoke from e-cigarettes safe?

The smoke produced by electronic cigarettes is different from that of cigarettes. It does not require high temperature to burn tobacco leaves, but uses an electronic heating device to evaporate the e-liquid. The special e-liquid releases a large amount of smoke when heated, simulating the effect of tobacco burning.

Therefore, there are many harmful substances in smoke produced by burning cigarettes, such as tar, carbon monoxide, etc. These are the number one criminals that endanger health. Electronic cigarettes have no combustion process, so they do not produce the above harmful substances, so from this scheme, electronic cigarettes are much healthier than cigarettes.

So what are the components of the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes?

There are mainly nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, spices and other substances, as well as some harmful substances such as formaldehyde, acrolein, isoprene, acetaldehyde and acetic acid. Of course, the content is relatively small, but there are still hazards, so everyone should not Smoking e-cigarettes in front of family members, especially children.

To sum up, the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes is safer than cigarettes. Although the content of harmful substances is small, it also has certain harm. Therefore, smoking electronic cigarettes is still prohibited in public places. As long as it is cigarettes, there must be certain harms. In fact, it is water vapor. I believe that many people do not want it to float in front of you all the time.

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