Introduction to e-cigarettes, vape basic knowledge

Introduction to e-cigarettesπŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’
Come and share with you 15 knowledge about people who are smoking and who are slowly switching to electronic cigarettes.
Note: Do not use electronic cigarettes if you do not smoke. . . 🚭🈲🚭

  1. How should I start? 🀨
    Before entering the big family of e-cigarettes. We recommend that you have a detailed understanding and watching of electronic cigarettes and various peripherals, and carefully read every line of this post. We have encountered too many novice players complaining that they made the wrong purchase, that it was expensive, that they were cheated, that they would not have bought this if they knew it, etc. This is entirely because they did not study the relevant knowledge well before entering the pit.
  2. How do newcomers choose equipment? πŸ”§πŸ”¨πŸ”©βš™οΈ
    If you have decided to enter the pit, we recommend that you start with a pressure-regulated electronic cigarette. This type of cigarette rod has the highest safety and has the function of short circuit protection. Compared with novice players, mechanical rods do not have short-circuit protection and voltage regulation functions. In addition, there are different merchants, and they will not recommend you not to use mechanical rods. Everything should be safety first.
  3. How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarettes? πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž
    Many novice players will ask such questions, whether A is good, B is good, which one is better, A or B? There are many brands of electronic cigarettes, and there are many different models, and everyone is different. No one can be sure to decide the final choice for you. Seeing and learning more and choosing popular products from big manufacturers are generally not too outrageous. Even if it doesn’t suit you in the end, it’s still a very good piece of equipment, and a popular piece of equipment from a big manufacturer may be sold to other players.
  4. Are e-cigarettes different from smoking? πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
    In addition to using traditional smoking methods, e-cigarettes also have direct lung inhalation methods. Traditional cigarettes are too stimulating to smoke in this way. But even if nothing else, using traditional smoking methods is a good choice.
  5. What is MOD?
    The full name of MOD is Modification, which comes from the enhancement program of computer games. In this field, you can understand that there are many combinations of accessories for electronic cigarettes, such as stainless steel chambers, acrylic chambers, ceramic bases and so on. Any behavior that can change the appearance or function of an atomizer is called a mod. To put it simply, it is similar to car modification. This is also part of the charm of the development of electronic cigarettes to this day.
  6. How many types of electronic cigarettes are there? πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜…
    Electronic cigarettes have gone through three main stages from birth to development. The first stage is the earliest battery rod-type electronic cigarette, which has now withdrawn from the mainstream due to low calorific value and unsustainable e-liquid. The second stage is the EGO stage. The birth of a truly oil-storable electronic cigarette is an important change in the history of electronic cigarettes. It makes it possible for e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes. We are currently going through the third stage, the era of finished product atomizers (EGO), oil storage atomizers, and drop oil atomizers. And various electronic cigarette-related gameplays are emerging in an endless stream, such as mechanical rods, electronic rods, wire winding, big smoke and so on. During this period, electronic cigarettes are transforming from physical enjoyment to spiritual enjoyment, which is very exciting. At the same time, it is also a mixed period, the legal vacuum period, please study and understand a lot. We hope to share the wonderfulness of e-cigarettes with you, not the harm that those unpleasant things bring to you.
  7. What is a pod?
    Cartridges are equivalent to disposable contact lenses, and are electronic cigarette consumables that integrate e-liquid and atomizer. Once the tank is depleted, it needs to be replaced. At present, there are not many of them, and they are withdrawing from the stage of history.
  8. Do e-cigarettes produce second-hand smoke? Is e-cigarette smoke the same as cigarette smoke?
    E-cigarette smoke is completely different from cigarette smoke. One is liquid and the other is solid. E-cigarette smoke is more similar to the state of water vapor, although second-hand smoke from e-cigarettes has never caused problems for others. But we also believe that it is impolite to cause trouble to others at any time. People should respect each other.
  9. Will e-cigarettes make you smell bad? πŸ˜΅πŸ˜£πŸ˜–
    Some players have reported the smell of e-liquid on their bodies, which is caused by incomplete atomization of e-liquid or improper installation of other equipment. Even if you smoke e-cigarettes for a day, you don’t have that offensive smell on your body. But please choose high-quality e-juice. Although inferior e-juice is cheap, money cannot buy health.
  10. Are electronic cigarettes cheaper or traditional cigarettes cheaper?
    From the point of view of consumption, electronic cigarette equipment is more like a small-scale investment after a one-time investment. If you’re an audiophile and keep adding other devices; or if you only smoke imported e-liquids, then e-cigarettes are no more economical than traditional cigarettes, but they are more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.
  11. How do e-cigarettes work? ☝️☝️
    The current in the battery briefly shorts the heating wire. The high temperature generated when the heating wire is short-circuited vaporizes the e-juice, turns it into smoke, and is sucked into our mouths.
  12. Where can I use e-cigarettes? Is it ok in a public place?
    There is currently no law expressly prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in public places. However, public opinion is not yet clear about the orientation of e-cigarettes. In order not to add psychological burden to the people around you, please try not to use electronic cigarettes in public places. If you really have the spiritual need to show off your cigarettes, please join the gathering of vapers. No one will think of you as a monster there because it’s full of big monsters, shiver.
  13. Are e-cigarettes really helpful for quitting smoking?
    Smoking cessation mainly depends on individual willpower. If your willpower is strong enough, you can quit smoking completely by not smoking at all. E-cigarette products are more of a substitute for smoking cessation, providing you with some assistance on the road to quitting. Some players don’t like to smoke electronic cigarettes again, and some players slowly leave cigarettes. The good news is that more and more friends are posting that I haven’t smoked cigarettes for a long time. But for this question, we must answer cautiously. We don’t believe that if you ever quit smoking, it’s because of e-cigarettes. That’s just the result of your own efforts.
  14. Do e-cigarettes contain nicotine?
    Many e-liquids contain nicotine. If you choose to use an e-liquid product that does not contain nicotine at all, the withdrawal reaction may be very strong. But all e-liquid products will state the nicotine content on the label. There are also many players who choose nicotine-free products and have a great time playing. In the early stage of quitting smoking, you should choose e-liquid with relatively high nicotine content, such as 18MG, and then gradually transition to 12MG, 6MG, 0MG, and you can directly consult the merchant for the content when purchasing. If you end up throwing away your cigarettes, we’re really happy for you.
  15. Does smoking an electronic cigarette feel the same as smoking a real cigarette? 🧐🧐
    The feeling of smoking electronic cigarettes is completely different from the feeling of smoking real cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not have as strong a stimulating feeling as cigarettes, and they have their own style. It may be softer. If you are a heavy smoker or a player who likes to smoke low-quality tobacco, the feeling of electronic cigarettes may disappoint you, because the taste of electronic cigarettes is different from traditional tobacco.

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