Interpretation of UK e-cigarette flavouring requirements

The United Kingdom is currently the most open country in the European e-cigarette market. Since 2021, when MHRA has managed the British e-cigarette notice, various parties have successively received a lot of official supplementary information and notice revision requirements, which has made many domestic enterprises feel Unprecedented difficulties, this issue is for you to interpret the official information, and you should submit the data specification requirements when making a clear announcement.


a should submit information on the composition of e-liquid in the notified product: including the identification, quantity, function, CLP classification and toxicity information of the ingredients, all available toxicological research data on the ingredients and emissions when they are not heated and heated, etc.;

b Notifying parties should carefully evaluate the impact of their product’s toxicity data to ensure that the product supplied to consumers is safe;

c The notifying party must state in its notice that it is solely responsible for the quality and safety of the product when it is placed on the market and used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions.

Banned ingredients

a any ingredient that, in the heated or unheated state, poses a hazard to human health;

b vitamins or other additives that create the impression that tobacco products are beneficial or reduce health risks;

c caffeine or taurine or other additives and stimulating compounds associated with energy and vitality;

d additives with emission coloring properties;

e carcinogenic, teratogenic or reproductive toxicity (CMR) additives in unburned form;

f Substances classified as carcinogenic, teratogenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR categories 1 and 2);

g Substances with specific target organ toxicity to the respiratory tract (STOT category 3);

h respiratory sensitizers;

i vitamins used as food supplements;

jSpecific acyl, alcohol, aldehyde, heavy metal substances;

A preservative that easily releases formaldehyde.

Note: The above are the general requirements mentioned by the British official, and the list of prohibited substances is not listed in detail. The substances in the ingredient list should be classified and evaluated in detail.

Flavor substances in the ingredient list

a. The sale of flavored electronic cigarettes is allowed, but the notifying party and flavor supplier should particularly consider the safety of flavor ingredients;

b. It is allowed to not disclose substances below 0.1wt% in the final product formulation in the notification, but if the product has a safety problem, the competent authority must provide additional toxicological data of all ingredients;

c The safety and quality of flavor substances must comply with EU food flavor regulations.

Although the UK e-cigarette market is highly open, its regulatory requirements are becoming more and more standardized. It is recommended that e-cigarette manufacturers add exporting country regulations to product quality control standards when designing products to avoid problems that are difficult to remedy when exporting and listing.

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