How to wake up e-cigarette oil

Awakening the oil is to expose the e-liquid and allow it to slowly oxidize with the air for a long time (2-8 weeks) to increase the temperature of the e-liquid (it needs to be clarified that the wake-up is a personal preference and Choice, not a necessary process of using e-liquid)
What exactly is e-liquid wake-up oil?
Due to different personal tastes, some people like the fresh taste before waking up, and some people like the taste after waking up. Moreover, under different e-juices or different states of e-juice, the necessity and length of time to wake up are also different. For example, when the e-juice has just been produced, it generally takes 2-8 weeks to wake up the oil, so that the taste will be denser; and if the e-juice has been produced for a long time, the wake-up oil may not have any effect now. For example, some flavors of e-liquid need to wake up to release its flavor, and the effect of wake-up will be obvious at this time; some flavors do not require wake-up, and the taste will not be changed by wake-up.
Suppose you want your e-liquid to “wake up”, then please remember the following key points:
The wake-up time is generally 2-8 weeks. Generally speaking, the stronger the taste of the e-juice, the longer the need, and the clearer the taste of the e-juice, the shorter the time.
E-liquid should be stored in a cool place.
If the conditions are allowed, the oil recovery can be accelerated by heating in a water bath or ultrasound.

E-juice wake-up process
Without opening the cap, shake the bottle vigorously to make the liquid in the bottle bubble.
Open the bottle and knead the bottle with your hands to squeeze out the stale air in the bottle.
After 1 and 2, put the bottle aside and wait 5-10 minutes, and finally close the bottle cap. It is recommended to take 2 times a day for a few days, the e-liquid should not touch the sun, be sure to avoid light!

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