How to solve the oil leakage of pods caused by air pressure?

Air pressure changes are an oil leak problem that we cannot avoid for the time being, but we are already trying to solve it with supplementary products.

Changes in air pressure may cause pods to leak

Due to the change in the ambient air pressure, the cartridge may have a slight oil leakage:

Changes in air pressure caused by changes in altitude (such as taking an airplane, climbing a mountain, etc.) will lead to slight leakage of e-liquid;

Solution: Keep the outer packaging (capsule) of the unused pods intact. When the customer receives the pods, they will see that each pod is lying in the capsule. The air pressure in the capsule is constant, which can be avoided to a large extent. oil spill risk;

Use other tools to create a sealed environment for the pod, such as a sealed box; placing the pod in a sealed box can solve the problem of oil leakage of the pod to a certain extent.

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