How to “maintain” the atomizer daily?

While enjoying electronic cigarettes, do you think that the atomizer needs maintenance?

The answer is yes, the atomizer also needs to be “maintained” during daily use. For example, how to remove the smell of e-liquid in the atomizer? How to clean the nebulizer? What issues need attention?

How do I usually clean the atomizer?

There are many ways to clean the atomizer, such as alcohol, water, ultrasonic cleaner and so on. Today, I will share my common cleaning methods and preparations: baking soda, a bowl of clean water, a pair of tweezers, a cleaning towel or some dust-free paper.

  1. Decompose the atomizer. The atomizer can be divided into three parts: base, oil tank and base. After dismantling the atomizer, remove all the rubber rings. If you are afraid of not remembering the location of the rubber rings, please place the rubber rings in the order of disassembly, but you should be careful not to remove the small parts as much as possible, and the small parts will be lost during cleaning. Things happen.
  2. Stir well with 1:20 baking soda and cold (warm) water. Soak the atomizer with the rubber ring removed into the water, after 10 minutes you will see the water turn pale yellow. At this time, a little stirring can be done to remove impurities in the atomizer. Remove with tweezers into another cup.
  3. Rinse with clean water, dry the water on the atomizer with a dry cloth or paper towel, or dry it.

Note: Baking soda can remove the smell and impurities of e-juice in the atomizer, and pure water cleaning cannot completely remove the odor of e-juice.

  1. How to store the atomizer reasonably when not in use?

Now most of the atomizers are made of 304 and 316 stainless steel, so how should we store them after use?

First clean the atomizer. After cleaning, ensure that the atomizer is dry, the rubber ring is dry and there is no excess water droplets to avoid rusting. When assembling the atomizer, you can put a little pure VG on the rubber ring and thread to prevent the atomizer thread from rusting, locking, and the rubber ring drying out. Due to the use of pure VG, the atomizer will not produce unpleasant odors.

  1. How to use the atomizer to prolong its life

The atomizer is a metal component. If it is used irregularly for a long time, if you don’t pay attention to the details, it will lead to scrapped screws, scratched threads, oil leakage, scrapped rubber rings, and deformation of insulating pads. So how can we prolong the service life?

In use, we should pay attention to making the atomizing core, and the lock wire can be in place, and remember not to screw it to death.

  1. The thread scribing of the atomizer interface often occurs during the installation process, so we should pay attention that the thread should not be installed with brute force, and should be retreated half a turn to allow the thread to be connected and then screwed in.
  2. The oil leakage of the atomizer is the main reason for us to abandon the atomizer. Before confirming the scrapped atomizer, please do the atomizing core again carefully to confirm whether it is a problem with the structure of the atomizer itself, and then focus on the rubber ring. Check for tightness.
  3. Illegal operation in the process of burning wire, overheating will cause the insulation pad to fuse and deform and be scrapped. At this time, we can shorten the burning time, or heat the atomizer intermittently to cool the atomizer to ensure the integrity of the insulating pad.
  4. 4. How long can the atomizer last?

How long can the atomizer last? This question was asked when Bajie was a novice. And I bought two of the same atomizer, thinking about replaceable accessories, but later found that it doesn’t make much sense. The main body of the atomizer is a metal object, which is very strong. Atomizers are prone to loss of some parts, such as glass bins, rubber rings, screws, threads, insulating pads and other small accessories. Most product packaging will come with accessories bags.

When the atomizer is in use or idle, proper operation, cleaning and maintenance will greatly increase the life of the atomizer.


The atomizer is a mechanical metal product. As long as we learn to maintain it, you will find that the atomizer has been “disked” by you. So as time goes on, there will be “traces” of the years on the atomizer, which is a very interesting thing.

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Unlike most vape company focused on brand marketing, AAAVape pays more attention to coil technology. About Five years ago, The Leader of AAAvape started the tough work for high-density organic cotton material, after thousands of failure AAAVape acquired its own Ccoil Technology.

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