How to maintain electronic cigarettes ?

1. Spit O-shaped smoke rings This is the oldest trick, and the most classic. Once people know you can do some smoke ring shows, they’ll ask you to blow a smoke ring first to prove it. Therefore, you better make sure you have this skill. How to do it? 1. Take a deep puff of the e-cigarette to store a lot of vapor in your throat; 2. Press the tongue down; 3. Open your mouth, keep your lips in an O shape, and use your throat to push the smoke out (such as a slight cough); 4. Adjust the lips to change the size of the smoke ring.


2. Spit out dragon whiskers/seven orifices raw smoke The smoke is spit out from the nose and the corners of the mouth. It is relatively simple and cool. Foreigners call it Dragon. How to do it? 1. Take a deep breath of the electronic cigarette for as long as possible, but do not inhale; 2. Exhale forcefully from both sides of your nose and mouth at the same time.


Three, ghost sucking Slowly spit the cigarette out of your mouth, and suck it back with the suction of your mouth before dispersing. There are many ways to play with other tricks, and it is easier and cool. How to do it? 1. Extend the time of vaping, but do not inhale; 2. Leave the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds; 3. Squeeze the smoke out of the mouth in a compact shape; 4. Quickly suck the exhaled smoke back into your mouth. .


Fourth, push the smoke ring You may have seen people manipulate their smoke with their own hands, and now you can too! However, this requires a lot of practice, the key is time and skill. How to do it? 1. Spit out a smoke ring; 2. Carefully place your hand behind it and direct it in the direction you want. 3. Once you have mastered step 2, practice turning your palm around the smoke ring to make it spin.


5. Waterfall When the smoke leaves your mouth, it goes into your nose and it looks like there is a waterfall over your mouth. How to do it? 1. Smoke e-cigarettes for as long as possible, but don’t inhale them into your throat; 2. Extend your jaw so that you have something to bite; 3. Slowly open your mouth and let the smoke come out by itself; 4. Use your nose to inhale the wafting smoke.


After learning the above e-cigarette playing skills, it can basically be said to be a qualified vaper. Of course, there are more cigarette-playing skills. To become a real cigarette-playing master, you may have to unlock more ways and means by yourself.



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