How to extend the service life of electronic cigarettes?

  1. To make the electronic cigarette more durable, the first thing to do is to keep the battery of the electronic cigarette with enough power. If the power is insufficient, the liquid will not be fully atomized and inhaled into the mouth, and users will mistake it for a quality problem.
  2. When smoking, be careful not to suck too hard. Because when you inhale too hard, if you encounter a leaking atomizer, the e-liquid can easily be sucked directly into your mouth without being atomized by the atomizer. Therefore, if you smoke lightly, the amount of smoke will be larger.
  3. Each cigarette has its own maximum voltage limit and the number of puffs that can be smoked. It is suggested that users should keep inhaling for a long time when smoking, because the smoke in the cartridge can be fully atomized by the atomizer, thus producing more smoke.
  4. The user should also pay attention to the angle of use when smoking. Always keep the cigarette holder upward and the cigarette rod downward. If the cigarette holder is downward and the cigarette rod is upward when smoking, the smoke liquid will naturally flow down into your mouth due to gravity. inside.
  5. When the e-liquid is sucked into the mouth, please turn off the battery switch first, then remove the electronic cigarette atomizer, remove the atomizing core, and wipe the excess overflowing e-liquid inside the cigarette holder and the atomizer. Clean before use.
  6. Regularly clean the electronic cigarette. It is recommended to clean it once a week. The styles of atomizers are different, so the parts used are also different. Some can remove the suction nozzle, and then you can use running tap water when only the glass tube is left. Rinse, then wipe with a clean paper towel or rag.

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