How to distinguish the taste of electronic cigarettes

How to distinguish the taste of electronic cigarettes

Presumably everyone is more concerned about the taste of electronic cigarettes. A lot of people who try e-cigarettes but don’t stick with it in the end are because of the taste, and the taste is very mysterious and abstract. Few people can articulate what taste means.

However, the taste of some leading companies in the industry has always had a very clear standard, which is divided into the following aspects:

1. The amount of smoke

At the beginning of the birth of the first generation of atomized cigarettes, due to the immature technology, it was often criticized for the small amount of smoke, so all brands focused on the amount of smoke. Sure, that’s a good thing for performers and smoke lovers, but for the average user, they don’t need to. Too much smoke can easily affect others and even cause disgust. If the amount of smoke is too small, smoking will result in no smell, so it is very important to control the amount of smoke.

2. Softness

Compared to burning paper cigarettes, the smoke of vaping cigarettes is generally much softer. However, different e-juices have different flexibility. The entrance of some e-juice is dry wood, and the entrance of some e-juice is soft, mellow and very delicate, which is not only related to the blending technology of the e-juice itself, but also to the atomization effect of the atomizer.

3. Restoration

This is easy to perceive for all users. For fruit-flavored e-liquids, the degree of reduction refers to the presentation effect of the target flavor. For tobacco-flavored e-liquids, the degree of reduction refers to how close the smoking taste is to paper cigarettes. Among the components of e-liquid, the essence is used to present the taste, but the quality of the essence can be divided into advantages and disadvantages. Domestic and imported. In order to pursue a safer and better taste presentation, some e-liquid manufacturers will also use raw materials for flavoring, so even different brands of the same taste.


4. Fragrance

Fragrance persistence refers to the persistence of fragrance. Some e-liquids really taste like that at the first sip, but the more you smoke, the weaker the taste and the worse the persistence of the aroma. Mixed e-liquids have front, middle and back tones like perfume. Good e-juices have clear front, middle, and back tones, obvious layering, and stable and lasting taste, while bad e-juices are the opposite.

5. Sweetness

Because the vape juice contains VG (vegetable glycerin), VG itself is very sweet, so the vape is basically a little sweet, sweet, some people like it, some people hate it, it is also important to control the sweetness, too greasy, less seems not to be That feeling, the balance is delicate.

6. Coolness

Almost all kinds of e-liquids such as fruit flavor and beverage flavor will have a cooling feeling. It can be said that the cool feeling is the product impression and important experience of electronic cigarettes. If the coldness is too strong, it will cover up other flavors. If the cold feeling is too weak, the stimulation is not enough. Moreover, different flavors of e-liquid have different requirements for cooling, which is also a balancing technology

7. A sense of gain

This feeling sounds a bit abstract, but it is actually the key to quitting smoking with vaping. It mainly refers to the satisfaction that nicotine brings to the body. We often say that addiction is because the body has no sense of gain. Even the absence of nicotine can give the body the same sense of gain, thereby achieving the effect of quitting smoking.

The above seven points are basically the specific definition of the taste of atomized smoke. Although the formula of vaping oil is simple, it is the same as the chef’s cooking. The freshness of the ingredients is different from the country of origin, the type and weight of seasonings are also different, and the craftsmanship is also different. Therefore, the taste of dishes made by different chefs is definitely different, but it is ever-changing, and you can be considered a qualified smoker if you are familiar with and master the above seven points.

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