How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarettes?

Today I want to talk to you about how to distinguish the quality of an electronic cigarette?

Before entering the pit, in fact, no matter what the people around you say, you don’t feel anything!

However, after really trying electronic cigarettes, you will also find that there are different types of products with their own advantages and disadvantages. At this time, we need to have the ability to distinguish!

Regardless of any brand of electronic cigarette, the most critical technology is the atomizer and the battery.

The atomizer is an important component in the electronic cigarette, which can generate fog, that is, the resistance wire in the atomizer works, generates heat, and then reacts with the smoke liquid to atomize, producing small water droplets similar to smoke.

A good atomizer has fine workmanship and is very particular about the production materials. Generally, it is processed with white tin, and the color is grayish white. White tin has a fast heating speed and a long service life, but has poor hardness and high cost. It is generally used in the production of high-end electronic cigarettes.

The low-cost electronic cigarettes will use ordinary tin, and the color will be jet black. The heating speed and service life will be worse than those of white tin. The quality of the electronic cigarette can be judged by the material of the atomizer.

Most electronic cigarettes use lithium-ion and secondary battery power components, and the life of the battery depends on the battery type and size, the number of uses and the operating environment.

The e-cigarette uses an electronic airflow sensor to activate this heating element, which activates the battery circuit upon inhalation.

Generally, consumers cannot directly judge the quality from the appearance, but can only distinguish from the length of use. The longer the use time, the stronger the battery’s power storage capacity and the better the quality. Conversely, the shorter the usage time, the worse the quality.

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