How to distinguish the pressure regulating box and the mechanical rod?

Mechanical equipment means that there is no circuit in the equipment, no chip protection, only a simple circuit can be used when it is powered on.

Generally, mechanical rods are more common, and there are also mechanical boxes and semi-mechanicals.

The overall structure of the mechanical rod is mainly divided into three parts: the outer cylinder, the battery and the base.

Voltage regulation equipment refers to equipment with lines and chip protection. This type of equipment is more suitable for novices.

You don’t need to pay attention to too many details and can be operated, usually referring to devices such as boxes

Voltage regulation is to adjust the power, and there is a chip inside. Those that can’t adjust the power and have no chips and only a battery are all mechanical. 

Generally, the built-in battery is a pressure regulating rod or a constant pressure rod. It is not dangerous and will not explode in normal use. The easiest and most intuitive way to distinguish a mechanical rod is to insert an external battery directly into it, then a switch at the bottom, and everything else. No, because there is a certain danger in the mechanical rod (in fact, the mechanical rod itself is not dangerous, the danger mainly comes from irregular operation without common sense and fake batteries), so it is not recommended for novices to use it, especially if there is no physical common sense, even People who can’t tell the difference between the positive and negative of the battery need to stay away from the mechanical lever even more.

The easiest way to identify:

All those with screens belong to the pressure regulating host

The built-in battery and the shaft with buttons are not mechanical. The machine has no screen and no protection chip, so there is a certain risk to the novice.

Novices are recommended to use a voltage regulator host, which is safer and more playable

Simpler method, mechanical levers rarely have the fire button on the side, usually at the bottom

The ignition key of the pressure regulator is generally on the side

There are no electronic parts such as chips. The battery directly powers the atomizer with the mechanical rod. The mechanical rod is not dangerous when used normally, but because the chip is not protected, if the short circuit is not detected in time, the battery will overheat, causing the inner core to melt and boil. , producing an explosion;

The biggest difference between the electronic cigarette novice rod and the mechanical rod is the battery. The novice rod has a built-in battery of 650-900-1100-1300-1600 and other capacities. The mechanical rod needs to buy a 18650 or 18350 battery separately. The mechanical rod does not have a chip solution. Most of them are connected by hand at the bottom, and the built-in battery pole has a key switch, which can be locked and turned on and off for charging, etc.

The mechanical rod has certain dangers, mainly due to the short circuit of the battery.

The main difference between the pressure regulating rod and the mechanical rod is whether there is a chip. The mechanical rod has no chip, and the pressure regulating rod has a chip. Because there is a chip, it can effectively monitor short circuits, etc., which is relatively safe.

Not all poles are mechanical poles. The main feature of mechanical poles is that the battery is directly powered, there is no chip and no display, and the poles are basically metal, which can be disassembled and assembled at will. Without these characteristics, it is basically not a mechanical rod! However, some mechanical rods now have protective chips. The danger of the mechanical rod is that there is no chip protection, and the rod body is easy to conduct electricity and cause a short circuit to cause an explosion hazard. Generally, it is mainly a battery problem. As long as you pay attention, or do a good job of insulating the battery and preventing short circuits, there is no danger.

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