How to deal with the hot electronic cigarette?

I don’t know if my friends who smoke electronic cigarettes have ever experienced the situation of hot electronic cigarettes? What is the reason for that? Today I am going to talk to you about this issue. First of all, there are two types of hot e-cigarettes. 1. The cigarette rod is hot, 2. The cigarette holder is hot. Next, we will analyze the reasons for the heat.

1. The reason why the cigarette rod is hot

We all know that the principle of use of electronic cigarettes is to drive the pod to atomize through the output power of the cigarette rod, so the reason why the cigarette rod is hot. Most of them are caused by the use of electronic cigarettes too frequently. Just like a computer, when people use it for a long time, the computer will also heat up, so there is a small fan inside the computer to dissipate the heat from the host. Especially in summer or just after charging, the electronic cigarette rod is often hot. You don’t need to worry about these situations, you just need to let the cigarette rod stand for a while and let it dissipate by itself.

2. The reason why the cigarette holder is hot

The reason why the cigarette holder is hot is related to the style of your electronic cigarette. If the power of your electronic cigarette is relatively high, or the airway tube of the cartridge is relatively short, and the smoking time is relatively long, this problem will occur. For example, AMMO firearms have relatively short airway tubes, so these types of electronic cigarettes are very prone to burn the mouth. The problem to be dealt with is: the suction time should not be too long, and the small mouth should be taken slowly so that this situation will not appear.

Alright, all that said. This is the reason why the refillable electronic cigarette is hot and how to deal with it.

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