How to cure e-cigarette frying oil

  1. Cotton: Regarding the cotton problem, a large part of the frying oil is the cotton problem. We make the coils perfectly. Why does frying oil still appear during use? It may be because there is less cotton when we wear cotton. When we wear it, we obviously fill the coil, but due to the shrinkage of cotton, after the cotton is wetted by the e-liquid, the cotton will become thinner, and the coil cannot be filled. Not uniform enough.
  2. Power: frying oil and power have an inevitable relationship. For example, the low-power resistance we use is 0.5Ω. Normally, when we push it to about 30w, the atomization can be relatively complete, but if we use 20w or 15w, the power Insufficient, it will cause the heating speed to slow down, and the e-liquid cannot be fully and quickly atomized at all, so the situation of oil frying will also occur. Too high power will also lead to frying oil.
  3. Temperature control: There is also temperature control that is more prone to frying oil. This is unavoidable, because the temperature control needs to increase the temperature in an instant, and the output of the explosion point will also cause the phenomenon of oil frying, and the loose winding used by the temperature control ni200 will be more prone to frying oil than the dense winding.
  4. E-liquid: E-liquid, the ratio of e-liquid vg and pg, 5vg: 5pg, 6vg: 4pg, etc. Among them, the proportion of e-liquid that is prone to frying oil is 4vg: 6pg, which is the usual ratio of e-liquid in Malaysia. That is, if the e-liquid is not viscous enough, there will also be a phenomenon of frying. If you use the e-liquid in Malaysia well, you will not have this phenomenon. However, sometimes the ratio of frying oil and your e-liquid will also be related. .
  5. Fancy heating: Why is the fancy heating wire easy to fry oil? Let’s briefly talk about it, because the fancy heating wire needs more heating wire than the normal heating wire under the same resistance condition, so normally we Using the power of the heating wire, the output power cannot be satisfied on the Clapton. There will also be a phenomenon of frying oil. This is to solve the frying oil as long as the power is adjusted to increase.
  6. If the above conditions are met, you will still experience frying oil. Another possibility is that your e-juice takes too long to open the bottle, and the degree of fusion between e-liquid and air is too high, and frying oil will also occur. The atomizers we use, the oil reservoir dripping oil, are all the same. After use, there is still e-liquid on the cotton. If it is left idle, the phenomenon of frying oil will also occur when it is used every two days.

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