How to choose a taste-type atomizer and a large smoke-type novice?

How to choose an electronic cigarette when a novice is just getting started? Generally, a novice will have a question when he is just getting started. How do I choose an atomizer that suits me? First of all, we are going to talk about the general classification of electronic cigarette atomizer For the taste type and the big smoke type, what is the taste type?

Taste-type atomizer: The so-called taste-type atomizer is usually used in a similar way to cigarettes, and adopts the method of oral inhalation. This type of atomizer is mainly used as a substitute for cigarettes.

Large smoke nebulizer: The large smoke nebulizer is usually used in the “lung suction” method, in which the user directly inhales the smoke into the lungs and then spit it out. Since the amount of smoke is much larger than that of the mouth-feel atomizer, it is usually used to “play” with smoke or to practice and perform “fancy” skills. Of course, due to the large amount of smoke, many people use large smoke atomizers to experience a rich taste.

The first thing that a novice needs to consider when getting started with electronic cigarettes is whether to quit smoking or not only want to quit smoking but also want to have fun. If you want to replace cigarettes, you can choose a taste-type atomizer. If you feel that electronic cigarettes are fun, the smoke is big, Cooler, then you can choose a large smoke type atomizer.

What are the taste-type atomizers: The more common taste-type atomizers in the market are Gobang, Nautilus, KF series, etc. But at present, there are many backgammon Seiko on the market. What is Seiko? Seiko is high imitation.

Comparison of taste-type atomizers and large smoke: In fact, this point is completely evaluated according to personal preference. The taste-type atomizers are all single-intake, known for their small air intake. If there is a lot of air mixing during the suction process It will lead to changes in the sense of layering and the taste of the atomized essence. Generally, good oils have a clear sense of layering and a mellow taste. The feeling is different in the level of detail. A good taste requires us to savor the entrance of the e-juice carefully. The sensation of touching the taste buds is a mixture of sensations, inhalation sensations and exhalation sensations.

Finally, if you want to taste the quality of an e-liquid, use a taste atomizer to taste it~~

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