How to choose a bottom oil atomizer?

In the era of oil dripping and oil storage, the development of new products is undoubtedly a difficult problem. With the accelerated pace of life and everyone’s desire for new products, the arrival of the bottom note box has made everyone’s eyes shine. Experience Balanced with convenience, designers racked their brains to design a new RDA gameplay-bottom injection.

  1. Which of the bottom oiling atomizers can be rebuilt?

Bottom injection drop oil atomizers can be divided into single-shot and double-shot, and the two tendencies are slightly different. The choice of bottom-filling oil-dropping atomizer should start from personal needs. If you want smoke, it is still slightly smaller but with a strong taste. If you like big smoke, you need to choose double shots, and if you like slightly thicker smoke, choose single shot. Either one requires a rebuildable type of atomizer so that it can match the taste you want.

  1. What equipment should I choose for the bottom oiling atomizer?

The bottom oil droplet atomizer is the most critical equipment, because the bottom oil power supply equipment on the market can be divided into mechanical bottom oil injection and chip bottom oil injection. Relatively speaking, the device compatibility of chip bottom oil injection will definitely be greater, but it lacks a lot of feelings and brands. The reason why the brand is missing is because most large manufacturers or well-known group products are designed with players in mind. Production of mechanical priming power supply equipment.

Players are accepted by players because the power supply of mechanical equipment is relatively balanced, and the function of oil storage is derived at the same time. If mechanical equipment is used, it is recommended to use a single-shot bottom oil dripping oil. Because the single-shot resistance is about 0.3 to 0.5, it is most suitable to match the mechanical bottom oil filling box, which can ensure the taste and battery life. The bottom oil filling chip box, the requirements are not so high, you can take it all, but because you have to take into account the oil filling bottle, the battery and the chip, the volume will be much larger, which is what you have to choose.

  1. What type of oil dripping tastes good?

In fact, everyone’s definition of taste is different, but for the oil-dropping atomizer with bottom oil, it is recommended to use a single-shot oil droplet for mechanical equipment. The single-shot droplet has a small atomizer cabin, and the internal structure is tight, so the smoke is compressed very tightly. The double oil dripping taste is also very good, but it is relatively inconvenient to use the bottom oil.

  1. How about the battery life of the bottom oiling atomizer and mechanical equipment?

How to choose a bottom oil atomizer? In terms of mechanical and bottom-filling atomization, the biggest problem itself is battery life. Due to the limited power of the mechanical equipment of a single electric device, it is recommended to use a single-shot oil drop atomizer, and the resistance should not be too low. A single-electric mechanical bottom injection device plus a single engine can meet the needs of a day.

  1. How to choose stable use or toss?

This topic is a question that many players are choosing, whether it is necessary to use electronic cigarettes stably or constantly. In fact, this is like the honeymoon period. During the honeymoon period, it must be tossed day and night. However, the stable use of electronic cigarettes after the ebb and flow may be the daily life of more players. Only when smokers get together will everyone be excited.

Although everyone has their own understanding of electronic cigarettes, bottom-filling equipment and atomizers are an indispensable part for veteran players. No matter the convenience or the actual experience, it can meet the needs of most players. So how to match depends on individual needs. If you like simplicity, the stable bottom-filling atomizer and the single-shot oil-dropping atomizer are recommended.

  1. Should cotton feet cover the bottom platform?

This problem is the same as the traditional top-filling nozzle oil dripping method. Although the bottom is covered with cotton, more e-liquid can be stored at a time, thereby reducing the number of oil fillings. However, when the bottom is covered with cotton, if the cotton is not loosened , but may cause the e-liquid to flow back at the bottom. In the general case of using the bottom bet, as long as the cotton feet have an appropriate length reserved, the e-liquid from the bottom platform can be smoothly guided to the vicinity of the coil under non-strict conditions.

  1. What is the difference in taste between RDA and RTA?

The oil storage atomizer (RTA) we often say is mostly a sealed atomization chamber, and the e-liquid is stored outside the atomization chamber and is close to it. In use, it will inevitably be affected by the heat of the atomization chamber, which will lead to a discount on the experience of e-liquid. The bottom injection of RDA is a single squeeze, and the e-liquid is stored in an oil storage bottle isolated from the atomization chamber, which has less impact on the e-liquid.

  1. What is the experience difference between the bottom bet and the traditional RDA withstood?

In a non-rigorous sense, the atomization effect between the two is the same. However, the speed of dripping e-liquid directly into cotton is bound to be faster than the absorption process of cotton from the bottom, and the traditional top-injection RDA usage will be simpler and rude. The advantage of bottom filling is to integrate the e-liquid bottle with the device. The extremely compact and convenient carrying style is the highlight of this gameplay. If a user can only love the full atomized taste of RDA, then the bottom bet RDA device must be the first choice for going out.

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