How much cotton is suitable for the atomizer?

In the daily use of electronic cigarettes, there has been a debate about how cotton is stuffed into the heating wire. Some people like to tuck the cotton very tightly, while others like to stuff the cotton into the circle of the heating wire and pull it repeatedly.

We often say the word “prescribe the right medicine”, so in the use of cotton, let’s start with the oil-dropping atomizer (RDA). The oil-dropping atomizer can directly drop the e-liquid on the heating wire and on cotton. In daily use, I often hear from friends around me that the cotton I plug will drip oil after two puffs, and some friends say that the cotton I plug has a large oil storage capacity. Therefore, when stuffing cotton, the dripping atomizer does not need to think too much about the oil guiding speed. The looseness and tightness of the cotton directly affects the frequency of refilling the e-liquid. The loose cotton has a small oil storage capacity, and the number of suction ports is small. Since the oil storage atomizer (RTA) needs to guide the oil through the small holes inside the oil storage tank when guiding the oil, the oil guiding speed is slower than that of the dripping atomizer. When stuffing cotton, it is necessary to avoid poor oil conduction caused by too tight cotton, otherwise it will be sour and sticky after a sip. The most common thing my friend Pretty Girl said when she stuffed cotton into the DIY oil storage atomizer was that my cotton could dance within the circle of the heating wire.

In addition to the above two types of atomizers, some players also use the drip-storage integrated atomizer (RDTA), because the working principle of this type of atomizer is similar to that of the oil-storage atomizer. Conduct oil guide, so when we plug the cotton, we need to be the same as the oil storage atomizer, not too tight, otherwise the sour and sticky smell will come again.

For players who like low resistance and high power, I personally recommend that the cotton is more secure. This approach increases the oil storage capacity and reduces the rapid evaporation of e-liquid on the cotton under high power, and premature change. Dry. If it is high resistance and low power, the cotton can be plugged loosely. After all, the power is small, and the evaporation rate of e-liquid will not be so fast. After the cotton is stuffed, the two ends of the cotton need to be loosened with tools, which is beneficial to increase the oil conduction of the cotton, and is suitable for any type of atomizer. You can also share your experience of stuffing cotton in the comments section of the article.

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