How many people in asia are using cigarette vape?

How many e-cigarette users are there in Asia?

Asia is the most populous continent on earth with 4.15 billion inhabitants; more than four times the total population of Africa. Therefore, Asia actually has more e-cigarette users than other continents, despite higher penetration in other regions, such as the US.

Surprisingly, the largest e-cigarette market in Asia is Malaysia (in terms of the average number of e-cigarette users per 100 inhabitants). Currently, there are about 1 million e-cigarette users in Malaysia who spend US$117 million annually on vaping products. The rapid growth of this market is mainly due to the lack of regulation by the federal government, which gives Malaysian distributors a space to build their vaping products business and market without pressure from the government. However, this is changing as the government threatens to impose bans and restrictions on future vaping. In addition, Malaysia’s national Fatwa Council declared “vaping” “illegal” (haram) and banned Muslims from using it. With Muslims making up 61% of Malaysia’s total population, this could present some challenges for those strongly involved in Islamic law.

Although there is only a small vaping community in Japan, Japan has the highest annual growth rate of new vaping users in the world. In 2016, steam equipment and products generated more than $4.6 million in revenue in Japan. This is indeed a very small number compared to the larger market, but compared to the 2015 Japanese e-cigarette statistics, it is 5 times higher than the previous year.

According to Korean industry insiders, there are about 1 million e-cigarette users in the early-developed Korean market.

Ironically, China manufactures most of the vaping devices distributed around the world, yet only has a very small vaping community. Although the current number of users is very low, China’s e-cigarette market has great potential due to the country’s lack of market regulation and low entry barriers. In a country with a population of more than 1.37 billion, 1% of e-cigarette use is equivalent to more than 13 million e-cigarette users.

Other Asian country vaping statistics to consider include:

• According to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) survey, the popularity of e-cigarettes in Indonesia is about 10.9%. Of these people, 2.5 percent had used e-cigarettes. With a population of 261.1 million, this is equivalent to about 711,000 people using e-cigarettes nationwide.

• About 4% of Filipinos use e-cigarettes on a regular or occasional basis, according to a Business Mirror survey. The Philippines has a population of 101.1 million, which means that as many as 4 million may be using e-cigarettes.


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