How many parts are e-cigarettes divided into?

Electronic cigarettes are mainly divided into two parts, namely the cigarette rod and the atomizer.

1. First, let’s talk about the internal structure of the cigarette rod:

The internal structure of the cigarette rod is mainly composed of these components: battery, airflow sensor, chip, various electronic circuits, etc.

1. Battery

The battery is the most important part of the electronic cigarette device, and it is responsible for providing power to the main device, which is used to heat the heating wire and make the atomizer work.

Due to the advantages of high energy density, high output power, superior cycle performance and long service life, lithium batteries can generally reach more than 500 times, or even more than 1,000 times. At present, all cigarette rod batteries use lithium batteries.

2. Air flow sensor

The air flow sensor is built into the cigarette rod, and the heating element is activated by the air flow sensor, and the battery circuit works by just inhaling lightly.

3. Air intake

The air inlet mainly controls the amount of air entering the atomizing core.

The more air enters the atomizing core, the greater the amount of fog, but the e-liquid after atomization is greatly diluted, and the taste after the entrance is dull, which is what smokers often say “not strong enough”;

On the contrary, the air entering the atomizing core is small, the amount of fog is small, and the smoke in the inhalation mouth is rich, but the taste of electronic cigarettes is not as rich as possible.

Instead, it is necessary to ensure a large amount of fog and a full taste. This is one of the important reasons for the difference in experience between different products on the market.

4. Control chip

Finally, there is the brain of the electronic cigarette, that is, the core component, the chip, that controls the orderly work of each component.

2. The main structure of the atomizer is the atomizing core and the e-liquid. I will not talk about the e-liquid. I believe everyone knows it. I believe that the atomizing core:

Anyone who knows electronic cigarettes knows that the most widely used ones on the market are mainly ceramic cores and cotton cores.

First of all, the biggest advantage of cotton core compared to other atomizing cores is the taste! The reduction degree of e-liquid taste is better than that of ceramic core, and the amount of smoke is also denser.

However, the power of the cigarette rod is not completely constant, which will cause the overall performance to fluctuate. Often the first few mouths perform exceptionally well, and the further the use experience is, the worse the experience is, and there may be sudden smoke in the middle. Big and small phenomenon.

If the power is too high or it is used for a period of time, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of core paste, and the situation that the cotton core is dry due to the sudden high power cannot be ignored. Therefore, although the taste reduction of the cotton core is better than that of the ceramic core, the experience is not a little bit worse.

The ceramic core will not automatically burn due to excessive power, and the ceramic atomizing core is more delicate and smoother than the cotton core, but the reduction degree of the e-liquid taste is slightly worse than that of the cotton core. .

However, the biggest advantage of the ceramic core is that it is stable and durable. The ceramic core will never have a paste core phenomenon like the cotton core. Under the condition of constant voltage, the fullness of the smoke and the taste are almost the same, and it is a stable taste from beginning to end. It is also the reason why Chaoji prefers ceramic cores.

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