How long can the atomizing core be used daily? What will reduce the service life of the atomizing core?

  1. Classification of atomizing cores

The type of atomizing core actually corresponds to the classification of the atomizer. The atomizers can be divided into two categories: “finished atomizers” and “RBA rebuildable atomizers”. The lifespan of the atomizing core of different types of atomizers is also different.
A. “Finished atomizer”, as the name suggests, uses the atomizing core that has been consistently processed and manufactured by the factory, and the user can directly replace it with purchase.

The picture above is the finished atomizing core. Most of the finished atomizing cores use vertical coils. Cotton is wound around the coils, and the airflow passes through the middle to take away the smoke generated after heating.

B. The atomizing core of the “RBA Rebuildable Atomizer” requires the user to use heating wire, cotton and other accessories to manufacture it by himself.

As can be seen in the above picture, there is only a wire table on the base of the RBA atomizer for users to install coils to make atomizing cores. The user needs to use the heating wire to wind the heating coil and fix it on the electrode stage. The cotton is then passed through the middle of the coil, and the air flows from both sides of the coil to take away the smoke.

  1. What factors affect the life of the atomizing core?

Atomizers can be distinguished not only according to the type of atomizing core, but also according to their uses, which is likened to “mouth-feel-type atomizers” and “big-smoke-type atomizers”. Whether it is a taste type or a large smoke type atomizer, the finished product and RBA can be included, so when purchasing an electronic cigarette for the first time, you should pay attention to the use and classification of the selected atomizer.

In the early days of entering the pit, most e-cigarette users are for cigarettes, so it is important to judge the use-to screen for “taste-type” atomizers. Next, we must consider whether to use the finished coil or the RBA Keji coil? Because this is related to an important factor, which is the theme of this article – “How long can the coil be used?” The life of the core is a common expense for e-cigarette users other than e-liquid, which determines the use time of the e-cigarette, so how long can the atomizing core last?

Second, the life of the atomizing core

The life of the atomizing core determines the cost of using electronic cigarettes. The price of the atomizing core of most products is about 20 yuan. (The prices of different brands and models of atomizing cores are different, please refer to the price of the merchant.) Generally speaking, the service life of the product atomizing core should be about 7 days to half a month. However, due to the different frequency and e-liquid used by each person, the lifespan of the atomizing core will also be different.

Because of the different habits of each person, the lifespan of RBA’s atomizing core is relatively large. Some people like to replace it once a day, or even once a tank of oil, while some people replace it every 3-5 days. Of course, there are others like the author. Such “lazy people” only need to be replaced in half a month or even a month, “as long as they can smoke”, they are often “shocking” when replacing the atomizing core.

  1. What factors affect the life of the atomizing core?

Whether it is a finished product or a self-made RBA, the life of the atomizing core is not fixed, and it will vary with the user’s usage habits. The same atomizer, the same atomizing core, some people may use it for half a month, while some people can only use it for three days. So what factors affect the life of the atomizer core?

  1. Power. The atomizing core has a certain range of power that can be tolerated, which is usually marked on the outer casing of the atomizing core. For example, 1.6Ω, 8-15W, this mark means that the resistance value of the finished coil is 1.6Ω, and the official recommended power is 8W-15W. Users can find their favorite taste within this power range to use.
    If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will over-evaporate the e-liquid, and the surrounding cotton will burn the cotton before replenishing the e-liquid, resulting in a paste smell, which in turn affects the taste, taste, and service life.
  2. Smoke oil. The biggest impact of e-liquid on the life of the atomizing core is “carbon deposition”. The e-liquid is sent to the coil through the cotton, and after being heated by the coil, mist is generated, and a black substance is also formed on the coil due to the high temperature, which is commonly known as “carbon deposition”. Although the basic components of e-liquid are the same, the raw materials and additives of e-liquid of each brand are different, which will cause the speed of “carbon deposition” to be different. For example, “Malay e-liquid” is recognized as a “high carbon deposition rate” e-liquid due to the characteristics of the flavor and the high sugar content in the e-liquid. There have been players who have reported that using Malay e-liquid with a finished taste atomizer, they need to replace an atomizing core in 1-2 days, and they say “can’t hurt”.

Carbon deposition will affect the heating efficiency of the coil and the taste of the evaporated smoke, which will reduce the taste and performance of the atomizer. This kind of carbon deposition cannot be completely avoided due to the limitation of the heating method, so the carbon deposition will affect the life of the atomizing core. very large. Therefore, if you use Malay e-liquid, please try to use it with an RBA atomizer. Even if carbon deposits are formed quickly, which affects the taste and use, you can make a new atomizing core in a few minutes, which is better than the finished atomizing core. The cost of use is much lower.

  1. Improper usage. When using a new atomizing core, whether it is a finished product or a self-made RBA, it is necessary to master the correct way of use, especially the finished atomizing core should pay attention to the preparations before use. The vast majority of finished atomizers are shipped with the atomizing core already installed. After the user receives it, it is best to remove the atomizing core first, and drip a small amount of e-liquid into the cotton around the guide oil hole and the coil to soak the cotton. This step is called “moistening the core”.

The purpose of this is to wet the cotton in advance so that the e-liquid can be absorbed more smoothly. Because there are a lot of fluff on the surface of the cotton fiber, in a dry state, there will be a “lotus leaf effect”, and the fine fluff on the surface forms a surface, and oil droplets will slide on the fluff surface, making it difficult to enter the cotton fiber. If you have made an RBA atomizer, if the dripping speed is too fast when dripping the e-liquid into the core after wearing the cotton, the oil droplets will roll along the cotton fibers, and the phenomenon of “no dripping” occurs. Once the cotton is fully wetted, the oil absorption process becomes very smooth.

Some manufacturers will prompt the user to moisten the core in advance, while others will not. Although adding e-liquid directly can also rely on pressure to let the atomizing core fill with e-liquid naturally, it usually takes more than 15 minutes, which is a bit long for first-time users. If the atomizing core is not completely soaked, it may burn the cotton after ignition, and absorb the mouthful of paste smell.
“Moisten the core” should also pay attention to the amount of e-juice not too large, just soak the oil guide hole and the cotton around the coil. If too much e-juice drips in, it will cause oil leakage or appear “grunt” when using it. Voice.
In the process of moistening the core, do not drop the e-liquid into the middle of the coil to avoid oil leakage caused by flowing into the air hole, and drip the e-liquid into the cotton around the coil against the inner wall to soak the cotton.

  1. High VG e-juice. If the oil storage taste type atomizer uses high VG e-liquid, the poor fluidity of the e-liquid will reduce the oil guiding performance, which will easily cause the atomizing core to burn. Generally speaking, the higher the VG, the larger the smoke volume, the softer the entrance, the more viscous the e-liquid, and the worse the fluidity. Therefore, e-liquids with high VG content are often used with large smoke atomizers, such as drop oil atomizers. However, the oil guiding system of some finished oil storage and taste atomizers cannot cope with the high VG ratio of e-liquid, and will burn the atomizing core because the oil guiding speed cannot keep up. Therefore, the PG/VG ratio of e-liquid also affects the atomization. a factor in the lifetime of the core. However, nothing is absolute. Some e-liquids with a high VG ratio will be added with “deionized water” to improve fluidity and improve oil conductivity. This e-liquid is more suitable for use in finished oil storage and taste-type atomizers.
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