How do e-cigarettes work?

To put it simply, an electronic cigarette is a low-voltage microelectronic atomization device that atomizes a solution with tobacco flavor into a smoke-like shape for smokers to use.

Electronic cigarettes are only a smoking cessation tool and cannot completely replace real cigarettes. For people who are addicted to smoking, it is difficult for a real cigarette to be completely replaced. However, because of its health advantages over traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have become the choice of more and more people who pursue health and fashion. Electronic cigarettes play a role in assisting smoking cessation, that is, after smoking addiction comes, you can take a few puffs instead of smoking real cigarettes, and then slowly quit. The most important thing is to persevere. At present, the taste of electronic cigarettes on the market will be slightly different from that of real cigarettes, and they will generally be sweeter, but some manufacturers have adjusted non-sweet e-liquids, so that the taste of electronic cigarettes will be closer to that of real cigarettes.

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