How do e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking?

The smoking cessation effect of electronic cigarettes has always been a topic of discussion in the industry, but there is no definite answer after discussion. E-cigarettes are used to replace cigarettes, not to quit smoking.

How do e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking? Smokers who quit smoking with e-cigarettes go through three stages:

  1. The first stage: e-cigarettes and cigarettes are smoked together. (about four weeks)
  1. The second stage: only smoke electronic cigarettes. (about four weeks)
  1. The third stage: Stop e-cigarettes.

Clinicians typically recommend nicotine replacement therapy for smokers who need to quit based on FTND test results (middle two columns in the table below). E-cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking in a similar way to nicotine replacement therapy. When smokers use electronic cigarettes, they can consciously grasp the nicotine intake when using electronic cigarettes, combined with their dependence on nicotine in the FTND test. The table below takes RELX (pod 50mg/ml, 2ml) as an example. What needs to be emphasized here is that in order to solve the psychological (physical) dependence of smokers on e-cigarettes at the same time, the use of e-cigarettes simultaneously imitates the action of smoking and the vision of smoke. And nicotine is also diffused into the air with part of the vapor, just like smoking to a certain extent.

Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?

This issue has always been in the most controversial category, directly to my point of view: e-cigarettes cannot quit smoking, but can only be used as a substitute for cigarettes. Quitting smoking is a matter of opinion, and there are great differences between people, and quitting smoking is a long-term project that tests human psychology and physiology. Your level of self-discipline, your own living environment, and your current physical state are all factors that have the greatest impact on your smoking cessation process.

Do e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?

No, e-cigarettes can be a coordinator on your smoking cessation path, not a leader. Studies have shown that the success rate of smoking cessation among people who use electronic cigarettes is 35% higher than that of people who do not use electronic cigarettes. Therefore, it cannot be said that electronic cigarettes are not helpful for smoking cessation. It can only be said that electronic cigarettes are not a sufficient condition for smoking cessation.

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