How do e-cigarette brands leverage the fan economy

Since Xiaomi mentioned the fan economy, almost everyone around them is talking about the fan economy. How can e-cigarette brands leverage the fan economy?
“Faith” Brings Fan Economy
“Beliefs” separated from their religious nature began to play a huge role in the economy. This also gave birth to the so-called “fan economy”. Fan economy generally refers to the business income-generating behavior based on the relationship between fans and followers. It is a business operation model that improves user stickiness and obtains economic and social benefits in the form of word-of-mouth marketing. For example, in the live broadcast we watch, don’t many people give gifts to the anchors? With the help of a certain platform, electronic cigarette manufacturers gather a circle of friends and fans through a certain point of interest, provide fans with diversified and personalized products and services, and finally convert them into consumption and realize profits.

Future e-cigarette brands will die without fans sooner or later

Today, when emotional consumption is gradually gaining the upper hand, companies can focus more on adding emotional capital to their brands. Starting from consumer psychology, they can carry out more emotionally-rich marketing activities to drive the emotions of fans, so that they can continue to be their own. brand belief recharge.
Apple should be the leader in converting users into loyal fans and making fans continue to recharge their brand beliefs. Tens of thousands of fruit fans around the world are fanatically loyal to the Apple brand and are willing to buy more products under its brand. Users try to buy new Apple products and become new users. Today, with the proliferation of various marketing information on the Internet, the form of word of mouth has won the favor of more consumers, and they are more willing to trust their friends around them, which is also the rationality of the existence of fans. Instead of focusing on a single purchase by a single consumer, but by operating a fan community, so that consumers can identify with the brand and bring spiritual joy to fans, this kind of “belief” can be more solid and continuous.
Rice Noodles Festival, Maofan Festival, celebrity meeting, Disney theme park, etc., are all successful marketing activities based on fans. Today’s consumers’ consumption concept has changed, and they are more inclined to emotional consumption. They are willing and able to spend money on what they like, so more brands have begun to carry out fan marketing, and it is in full swing.

Beliefs of e-cigarette brands

As a smoking cessation product for smokers, e-cigarettes are more difficult than other products to establish consumer brand beliefs, but once the fan base is stabilized, it will also bring great benefits to the brand. E-cigarette products are consumed in large quantities and frequently, and are also one of the effective social tools. The benefits that e-cigarette brands will bring to develop the fan economy are self-evident.
Some brands have already launched related explorations, and they are focused and unique, forming a certain distinction from other brands and achieving corresponding results.
A brand culture with depth and breadth that is in line with products can resonate more strongly with consumers, create consumer beliefs, and sometimes even fully represent the entire brand, capturing the minds of higher-end consumers in the social class. Today, when opinion leaders play an important role, that is, they have captured the hearts of most consumers, making this part of consumers become loyal fans of brands, making their own contributions to their favorite brands, and for their own brands. Faith continues to recharge. Using the unique language of e-cigarettes to build a new value system for consumers, so that the brand’s sense of value surpasses the product itself, and brings both physical and psychological satisfaction to consumers, in order to form more effective consumer loyalty.

How do e-cigarette brands leverage the fan economy
At the same time, attention should also be paid to the construction of fan communities. People will carry out certain activities because of the need to expand their social networks to strengthen the construction of fan communities. Become more and more firm, and then develop into a belief, become the most loyal user of the brand.
It is also necessary to build a complete product system. It is impossible for a certain brand to have only one product. In the entire product system, different products target different consumer groups. Therefore, establishing a complete product system and forming a unique product culture based on target consumers and products can attract more consumers from different industries and different classes. When this part of the consumer’s own identity is converted, his belief in the brand will not change because there is no matching product, which is also a means to maintain the user’s belief.

Cultivating consumers’ belief and consumption habits is not just a concern of brands in this industry. Judging from the current social consumption situation, in some large cities, users’ emotional consumption trends are more obvious, but at present, the vast majority of consumers, especially those in non-first-tier cities, are still in a period of transition between rational consumption and emotional consumption. Establishing brand beliefs and guiding consumers to change from rational consumption to emotional consumption is not only good for the e-cigarette industry, but also has a good impact on the upgrade of consumption in the entire society.

Brand marketing is the same as celebrity marketing. To establish your own fan group, e-cigarette brands must be built for a long time by e-cigarette manufacturers, attract consumers with their own unique culture, and make consumers chase and work hard to connect with the brand. . At the same time, the brand must be close to the people, go deep into the consumer group of e-cigarettes, interact with consumers, and continuously communicate and interact with fans through forum public testing and QQ WeChat evaluation feedback, so as to obtain the most urgent real needs of players and guide product upgrades. At the same time, e-cigarette consumers see that their opinions are valued, they are more loyal to products and brands, and help e-cigarette brands to promote themselves. Such word of mouth will inevitably bring a huge boost to the construction of e-cigarette brands.

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