How did the taste of electronic cigarettes come from?

For consumers, the biggest difference between electronic cigarettes is the taste of e-liquid, and the feelings brought by different tastes can be said to be very different. There are traditional tobacco flavors, cool mint flavors, and various fruit flavors, such as mango, peach, and orange.

How did the taste of electronic cigarettes come from?
So, how do you tune out these different flavors?

In fact, the process of making e-liquid flavors is very similar to making perfumes. In addition to the traditional extraction process, a popular aroma is mainly “manufactured” by the perfumer by adjusting the proportions of various raw materials to create a wonderful aroma.

First, choose essential oils. Essence is a kind of aromatic liquid extracted from plants or animals. Various plant petals and fruits contain natural aromas. These aroma-containing components are complexly extracted and purified to obtain the most important aroma components. raw material.

Next is the blend of fragrances and solvents. Essential oils are highly concentrated mother liquors with high aroma content, which need to be formulated with specific types of solvents to give them different levels of aroma and texture. The good combination of essence and solvent can make the fragrance reveal or be subtle, or unrestrained, or cover up and be shy, so that the fragrance presents a kaleidoscopic posture.

Professional perfumers blend various spices to create a richer aroma. When designing a fragrance, the top, middle and bottom notes of the target fragrance are considered, and essential oils from different sources are mixed to create an endless combination of aromas.

How did the taste of electronic cigarettes come from? In addition to tobacco flavor, mint and other raw materials from plant leaves, electronic cigarette flavors are mostly fruit-flavored, and the fruit-flavored ingredients are more familiar to consumers and better meet consumers’ tastes. After a certain fragrance type is roughly determined, after careful screening and necessary consumer testing, a flavor that can impress people the most is selected, and a product is born in this way.

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