How can you get addicted to smoking?

In the human brain, there is an area called the “reward core” where cigarette tar can fuse with protein kinases to stimulate the reward core to release choline. When smoking, when the cigarette tar enters the body, it will be transmitted through the blood night, and according to the blood-brain barrier, it only takes 7 to 10 seconds after inhalation to reach all the central and peripheral nervous systems, and stimulate the release of choline. . Therefore, smokers usually have a peculiar sense of satisfaction after “swallowing the clouds”.

When the cigarette tar is metabolized in the body, the protein kinase that was originally fused with the cigarette tar is emptied, and the data signal transmission of the nervous system is disturbed, and the human body produces uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. At this time, only one more cigarette can be used to reduce the pressure, thereby forming a dependence on tobacco.

Can e-cigarettes satisfy smoking addiction?

It is definitely possible to achieve smoking addiction. Electronic cigarettes not only imitate the habit of smoking, but also ensure the intake of cigarette tar. In terms of working principle, they completely imitate tobacco. The function of electronic cigarettes is that it can make people feel that you are In smoking real cigarettes, it’s just as powerful, as thick and more convenient than tobacco, so there’s no problem reaching our cravings.

The use of electronic cigarettes is also the use of our addiction to tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are only a migration of dependence. Therefore, electronic cigarettes cannot completely quit smoking, because smoking electronic cigarettes is essentially smoking. Smoking cessation proposal is also to use the patient’s individual beliefs to quit smoking, to assist some reasonable smoking cessation products, to know more about the harm of smoking to physical health, and to build self-confidence in quitting smoking.

Everyone who stops ingesting cigarette tar will experience withdrawal symptoms, and ingesting cigarette tar not only includes smoking, but also cigarette tar stickers, nicotine chewing gum, etc. The mechanism of electronic cigarettes is also for everyone to ingest cigarette tar.

Therefore, electronic cigarettes are also lazy, so it is not recommended for groups who are not addicted to smoking, because it may cause good friends who did not smoke to lead to smoking addiction. Therefore, for people who are not addicted to smoking, it is not recommended to touch electronic cigarettes at will.

In general, people tend to be addicted to smoking because of the effect of cigarette tar, and electronic cigarettes contain smoke tar, so it is no problem to satisfy your smoking craving. A good substitute for tobacco, if it can’t satisfy your cravings, it can’t fulfill this role.


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