How about electronic cigarette cotton heart sound cotton?

When it comes to why Xinyin goes to cotton, because cotton is a necessity for electronic cigarettes, whether it is taste or big smoke, cotton is always indispensable, so what kind of experience can a good cotton bring to players?

Material: Xinjiang long-staple cotton is selected, with soft and long fibers, white luster and good elasticity;

Production: Xinjiang long-staple cotton is of good quality and does not require complicated processing techniques. After continuous discussions with the manufacturer, each box of cotton is cut into strips, and cotton compression is reduced to make the cotton space fuller. The cotton strip can be divided into four strips, and each strip can be made into a pair of cotton with a diameter of 3.0 circles;

Packaging: Adhering to the consistent style of the Xinyin Group (lazy), comparing the Xinyin “E” mechanical rod, it can be found that the packaging is in the same line, in the form of an iron box, which should not be crushed, and the integrity of the cotton is maintained to the greatest extent;

Heart Sounds Actual Use Feedback:

In the process of actual use by many players, a lot of “problems” have been fed back:

  1. No peculiar smell: It is basically unnecessary to burn the cotton after the new cotton is applied. After the process treatment, the cotton smell is negligible;
  2. More oil storage and fast oil conduction: The quality of cotton itself determines that the cotton grains are very small, and its fibers are soft and long, which determines the oil storage capacity and oil conduction speed;
  3. Dry-burning resistance: In the oil-dropping atomizer, the amount of oil is not paid attention to, which causes the oil on the cotton to dry in a dry-burning state, but the cotton will not be burned or burnt;
  4. Durability: Many players change cotton because the silk has carbon deposits and the cotton is dirty, but in the process of using Xinyin cotton, more people use the silk to deposit too much carbon, and the silk has to be cleaned, but the cotton is still white. of;

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