What is the suitable watts of electronic cigarettes?

How many watts is suitable for electronic cigarettes, and how many watts are generally adjusted for playing electronic cigarettes? Many e-cigarette newbies like to play big smoke after getting started. How much smoke is big in electronic cigarettes? The level of the battery power of the electronic cigarette directly affects the size of the smoke of the electronic cigarette, and also affects the experience of the taste and the subsequent practice of spitting the circle. In particular, in order to pursue changes in taste, players will constantly try to make core data and adjust different output wattages to find taste.

Therefore, for many newbies who smoke electronic cigarettes, the first thing to learn is to adjust the wattage than how to spit circles and how to burn silk.

To adjust the wattage well, you must first understand the basic physics of electronic cigarettes.

Basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes

The basic principle of electronic cigarettes is a simple circuit. The battery provides power to the device and transmits current. The atomizer is the electrical equipment. The heating coil (atomizing core) in the atomizer is the resistance. The resistance wire produces a thermal effect to generate heat, so that the e-liquid on the cotton on both sides evaporates into water vapor, producing a smoke-like effect.

Electronic cigarettes use batteries as power sources to provide voltage. In the industry, the standard voltage of batteries used in electronic cigarettes is 3.7V. When the battery is fully charged, the highest voltage will be around 4.2V. decreasing gradually. Therefore, we can find our own taste within the voltage range that the battery can withstand.

To this end, we also have to understand some common electrical variables involved in electronic cigarettes: voltage (U), current (I), resistance (R), power (W).
How much w is suitable for electronic cigarettes
Do you feel like revisiting the physics class?

To put it bluntly, if you can’t understand this physical knowledge, it is difficult to play electronic cigarettes well, so the friends who have just skipped it, please turn back to the front and take a closer look!

When friends who have just started using electronic cigarettes are using pressure regulating equipment, they can’t figure out how to set the appropriate power and can’t find the wattage that suits their taste. It is easy to adjust the wattage too high to cause a hot throat, or adjust the wattage too low, and the e-liquid cannot be fully evaporated, resulting in a lack of experience.

The following editor will introduce two ways to adjust the wattage, which can be used as a reference for debugging:

formula method

This calculation method was born in the era of mechanical rods. The early mechanical rods did not have any parameter prompt information and protection mechanisms. Therefore, in order to use the mechanical rods safely, it is necessary to calculate the power of the mechanical rods by calculating the power of the mechanical rods. Some parameters such as size.

So when we know the resistance of the atomizing core and the size of the voltage, we can also use the formula to calculate the power value suitable for the current resistance:

Power = square of voltage/resistance (W=U2/R)

The power of common electronic cigarettes is basically within 100w, and those larger than 100w can be directly connected to the mechanical rod. So in many cases, the wattage of electronic cigarettes basically follows:

17 / resistance = watts


The chips used in the voltage regulator boxes produced at this stage basically have the function of detecting the real-time output voltage. After installing the atomizer, the host will detect the resistance of the atomizer, and adjust the wattage for output to be able to observe the real-time output voltage. The output voltage value changes.

Just adjust the wattage to—

Output voltage 3.7V — 4.2V

Arbitrarily adjust within this voltage range to find your own taste.

The method has been introduced. The following describes the adjustment data of several electronic cigarette wattages. You can try:

1. The resistance is 0.6Ω, and the power is more than 25 watts;

2. The smoking taste is generally a resistance of about 1.2-1.6, and the power is pushed by the number of W obtained by 17/resistor;

3. Different wires, different circle diameters, and different methods have significantly different resistances, and the ways to push out large smoke are also different. Take the common 0.4 wire, 2 rounds, 3 circle diameter, 6 circles, and the resistance is about 0.40, then use 28-30W to push; if using a single shot, 3 circle diameter, 6 circles, and the resistance is about 0.80, then Use 15-17W to push.

4. 1.2 resistance—-50W-70W;

5. 1.6 resistance—-35W-45W;

6, 0.5 or 0.6 resistor, 25-28 watt push.
How much w is suitable for electronic cigarettes
It should be noted that the choice of power to push depends not only on the ohm value, coil diameter and thickness, but also on what kind of atomizer you are equipped with. If your atomizer can withstand enough current, you can In the end, you just smell a mush smell.

Finally, some people like high resistance and high power, some people like low resistance and low power, some people like low resistance and high power, and some people like to use fancy heating wires with low resistance, because they are not suitable for strong The smoke will choke the throat after inhalation. Select the step-down to set the output power.

There is no fixed number for the power of electronic cigarettes. It depends on your own taste experience. The same resistance value is suitable for different people. So there is no dead rule.

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