Is it better to smoke electronic cigarettes in the mouth or in the lungs? Comparison evaluation of electronic cigarettes in the mouth and lungs

Lorem ipsThere are two ways to smoke, one is lung inhalation and the other is mouth inhalation. The average old smoker smokes cigarettes by lung smoking, but cigars can only be smoked by mouth. So what about e-cigarettes? Are e-cigarettes better for mouth or lung? What is the difference between e-cigarettes and lungs? Next, we will conduct a comparative evaluation of e-cigarettes and lungs!

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The way of mouth inhalation is the same as our daily smoking method. The user first inhales the smoke from the nebulizer into the mouth, and then inhales additional air to bring the smoke into the lungs. In the earlier period, due to technical limitations, most e-cigarette users used the method of mouth smoking to use e-cigarettes.

Compared with the lung inhalation method, the smoke will stay in the user’s mouth for a long time during oral inhalation, so when using oral inhalation, the user will also have a more delicate and subtle taste experience of the taste of e-liquid. Since both cigar and cigarette users use mouth smoking, most players who use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes also choose to use electronic cigarettes by mouth smoking.

When using the mouth suction method, most users will choose to block higher atomizer devices, such as Kayfun or Nautilus atomizers, and the output power will generally be controlled below 15W. In order to match these devices, users will also choose PG, E-liquid with higher nicotine content to create an inhalation experience similar to the roar of a cigarette.

The advantages of mouth suction

Due to the slow inhalation, the evaporation rate of e-liquid is relatively slow, and the same amount of e-liquid can be used for a longer time.

The device does not require excessive output power during mouth suction, which also avoids overheating of the device during use.

Because it is used in the same way as cigarettes, the way of mouth smoking is more favored by users who replace cigarettes.

The mouth-inhaling method will make the smoke stay in the user’s mouth for a long time, which will help the user to obtain a more delicate taste experience of the e-liquid.

Disadvantages of mouth sucking

Due to the lower output power of the device and the smaller amount of smoke during mouth inhalation, the roaring sensation produced by the smoke on the user is also weaker than that of lung inhalation.

At present, dripping atomizers and high-power atomizers have gradually occupied the mainstream of the market, and the inhalation method for low-power equipment has become a bit outdated.

electronic cigarette lung

Like the name of “lung inhalation”, the inhalation method of lung inhalation is that the user directly inhales the smoke into the lungs from the nebulizer, just like daily deep inhalation. The dense smoke instantly fills the lungs, similar to the experience of using a hookah. Pulmonary inhalation is commonly used in drip nebulizers or Sub-ohm nebulizers.

Lung suction will bring users a stronger impact experience, and a large amount of smoke will bring users a richer and fuller taste experience. At the same time, due to the instant evaporation of a large amount of e-juice, the cooling design of the atomizer has also become crucial, and the overheating of the smog will not bring users a good experience. Due to the larger amount of smoke, the roaring sensation during lung inhalation will be more obvious. Most users who use lung inhalation will choose e-liquid products with lower nicotine content for use.

As mentioned above, most users who use the lung inhalation method will choose a drip atomizer or a Sub-ohm atomizer, such as Kennedy or Kanger Subtank. At the same time, in the choice of e-liquid, players will also be more inclined to choose VG A higher, lower nicotine e-liquid to reduce the impact of the smoke on the throat.

Advantages of lung suction

The smoke is directly inhaled into the lungs, which can bring the user a stronger impact experience, and at the same time, the user will also get a fuller and richer smoke experience.

Lung inhalation is the best way for users to chase clouds and mists.

Disadvantages of lung suction

You need to pay more attention when choosing e-liquid, too much PG and nicotine content will bring you an unbearable roar. At the same time, the dry burning of cotton caused by poor oil guiding will also become your nightmare.

Although the harm of electronic cigarettes is far less than that of cigarettes, it does not mean that electronic cigarettes are harmless, so in order to protect the body, choose to smoke by mouth!um dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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