Basic knowledge of e-cigarettes

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1. What is an electronic cigarette?

The concept of electronic cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries and heat the liquid into steam to obtain the same smoke effect as real cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are also known as vaping cigarettes. Do not compare with real cigarettes. It is meaningless because it is not a product at all !

2. Applicable people for electronic cigarettes

Those who have been addicted to smoking for a long time and feel bad, those who have worked in non-smoking places for a long time and have the habit of smoking, and those who are determined to quit smoking!

3. E-cigarette taboo crowd

Minors, non-smokers and people allergic to nicotine, not suitable for smokers, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, patients with pneumonia, people with a history of heart problems and high blood pressure!


4. The difference between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes

The difference between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes do not contain hundreds of carcinogens and heavy metals such as tar, carbon monoxide, mercury, and lead after burning real cigarettes, but only purified nicotine (commonly known as nicotine). E-cigarettes produce steam instead of smoke, which will not pollute and blacken the lungs. Compared with real smoke, the harm is almost negligible. It is a substitute for real smoke and can also be used as an auxiliary transition for smoking cessation! Using e-cigarettes for a day is only equivalent to the caffeine content in a cup of coffee

5. The lifespan of electronic cigarettes

The life of electronic cigarettes is very long. Just like mobile phones, it depends on how you maintain them. Consumables are determined by the amount of smoking.

6. Consumables of electronic cigarettes

The consumables of electronic cigarettes are e-liquid, and the semi-consumables are atomizing cores (used to heat the e-liquid into steam, and each atomizing core can last for half a month if it is well maintained)

7. Composition of smoke liquid

The main components of the liquid smoke are: propylene glycol (pharmaceutical industry products, sweet taste, antiseptic disinfection and drying effect, non-toxic to humans), glycerol (commonly known as glycerol, commonly used in skin care products, after the human body is decomposed into fat, non-toxic), purification Nicotine (commonly known as nicotine, determines the size of the smoke, and traces are harmless) and tobacco flavors (determines the taste of tobacco)! Using e-cigarettes for a day is only equivalent to the caffeine content in a cup of coffee, so don’t worry!

8. How long can the smoke liquid last?

A 10ml bottle of cigarette liquid can be used for about a week according to the amount of cigarettes (10ml = 10 packs of cigarettes). The number of puffs and the time each person smokes is different. Some smoke a cigarette in half an hour, and some smoke a cigarette in 10 minutes. , Some people have a large lung capacity, and they smoke two or three in one mouthful. According to different personal usage, the consumption of smoke liquid and power consumption are also different! This can only be said roughly, and cannot give specific numbers mathematically.


9. Maintenance of electronic cigarettes

The maintenance of an electronic cigarette mainly consists of two parts, the maintenance of the pressure regulating box and the maintenance of the atomizing core. Needless to say about the maintenance part of the pressure regulator box, in terms of the maintenance of the atomizing core (the same is true for any electronic cigarette), keep the smoke liquid at a level of not less than 1/3 at all times, and let the root of the suction rope of the atomizing core be invaded by the smoke liquid as much as possible. Wet, so that it is not easy to dry the atomizing core, and the life of the atomizing core can be extended to the greatest extent (one atomizing core can be replaced once every two weeks if it is well maintained). This is like a candle. If the wax oil is not supplied to the wick, the wick string will be carbonized. When the battery is full, the smoke liquid is more than half, and the smoke volume is [significantly reduced] compared to the previous time, it is time to change the atomizing core! (Clean the atomization chamber by the way when replacing)

10. How to clean electronic cigarettes

Before replacing different flavors of liquid, it is best to clean the atomizer (it needs to be cleaned after a long time) to prevent the smell or even a third unfavorable flavor (even combined into a burnt flavor), but some people like to create their own flavors, Specially smoked with flavor (for example, many people like to mix tobacco flavor and mint flavor).

【the cleaning method】:

The electronic cigarette is composed of two parts, the upper part is called the atomizer, and the lower part is the pressure regulating box. When cleaning, unscrew the pressure regulating box and put it aside. Do not let the pressure regulating box touch the water (the pressure regulating box cannot be cleaned). Unscrew the cigarette holder on the atomizer and the metal base under the atomizer, and finally unscrew the atomizing core on the base, and the faucet can be rinsed at will (be careful not to lose the inner small rubber ring when unscrewing these things). Before finally putting on the pressure regulating box, you must dry the base of the atomizer, otherwise it will cause a short circuit and burn the pressure regulating box!


This document is given to many students who do not understand electronic cigarettes or who have never been exposed to electronic cigarettes at all, and some students who have been exposed to old-fashioned electronic cigarettes. I hope it will help you when choosing electronic cigarettes.

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