Electronic cigarette vaporizer cotton coil, battery  knowledge, common sense

Electronic cigarette vaporizer cotton coil, battery  knowledge, common sense


1Why is there a burnt smell when using cotton as the atomizing core?

The biggest reason is that the instantaneous output power is too high. However, the state of the cotton core in the hot wire is too tight, resulting in poor oil conduction, and the hot wire will start to dry the cotton core. There will also be this burnt smell, which can be solved by reducing the power or re-adjusting the tightness of the cotton core.

2 How to avoid burnt smell when assembling the atomizer?

After installing the heating wire and cotton wick, do not close the oil tank directly. Put a few drops of e-liquid on the hot wire first, and then set it on fire to see the effect. If the cotton wick shows signs of blackening, re-adjust the tightness of the cotton wick. Until the power is adjusted to the power you are used to, and there is still no sign of fuzzing, then close the fuel tank.

3 Is it difficult for beginners to make cores by themselves?

To put it bluntly, the production of hot wire is to make a few circles, and there is no technical content at all. It doesn’t matter if the first few circles are not good, it’s normal. Practice a lot, and you will find out how lovely you are who asked this question in the first place.


4 Can the carbon fiber heating wire be used on the atomizer?

Can. There are many brands of heating wire materials, we recommend players to choose products with relatively high cost performance. If you have special silk on hand, please understand in detail that the material is indeed non-toxic after burning at high temperature, and then choose to use it.

5Why do I have a strange smell when I use cotton as the core to pump?

That’s because the cotton wick contains oil before it is used, and it will produce a smell after high temperature atomization. It is recommended that the newly installed cotton wick should be fully burned several times before installing the oil tank, and then there will be no such smell. The best thing to do is to boil the cotton with pure water first and then dry it, so it won’t have the smell. If it is too troublesome, just take a few mouthfuls and there will be no cotton taste.

6 Excuse me, is the more circles the better?

Absolutely not. For the same type of heating wire, the larger the coil diameter, the higher the resistance. The higher the number of turns, the greater the resistance. The larger the resistance value, the smaller the calorific value under the same power. Choosing the right resistance value for your atomizer and taste requires adjustment and experimentation. Of course, the smaller the resistance value is, it is wrong. The resistance value and the output power of your device and the final taste should be balanced and enjoyed.

70.2, 0.25, 0.3 what are these?

when making heating wires. There are diameters, circle diameters, and the number of circles. Generally, numbers less than 1MM refer to the diameter of the hot wire. 2MM or so refers to the circle diameter. For example, the hot wire setting data:

A, 0.2, 3.0, 8, 1.5 euros. It reads like a wire with a diameter of 0.2MM from factory A, and it is wound 8 times with a circle diameter of 3.0MM to get the final data of 1.5 ohms.

G, 0.32, 2.5, 7, 1.2 Euro. Reading it, it is a wire with a diameter of 0.32MM from the G factory. With a circle diameter of 2.5MM, it is wound 7 times to get the final data of 1.2 ohms.

8 Does the heating wire of different resistance have a great influence on the taste?

Very influential. Some e-liquids can feel the style with normal values. However, some e-liquids require high power to exert their full strength. At present, there is no standard that clearly defines which value should be used for which e-liquid. Because there are differences between people, we will consider the production of specific e-liquids on specific equipment in the future.

9 After the heating wire is burned, there are a lot of black substances, is it normal?

This black substance is carbon deposits on the hot wire after high temperature combustion. If it doesn’t happen in a short time, it’s normal. Also a signal that you need to replace the hot wire.


10 What is A wire? G wire?

Refers to the brand of heating wire. A silk refers to Kanthal, which is also called Kanthal in China. It is very cost-effective and is also the mainstream silk. G wire refers to G-PlatWire, an American e-cigarette competition-grade hot wire. The silk is super soft and produces a lot of smoke. One word: expensive.

How to make the core of 11XXX atomizer?

Atomizers are available in a variety of different core methods, including winding, plug-in, upright, and reeling. And these forms perform differently on different atomizers. Try a lot of different methods on your atomizer, and you may not get more surprises. We call it: tossing.

12 What is the difference between iron wire and nickel wire?

The iron-chromium-aluminum resistance has high heat generation and slow heating, but after a rigorous test, there is no toxic substance, and the carbon monoxide is also very low. Nickel-cadmium wire is often used for acrylic cutting, etc. It has fast heating and low resistance, but it has not been rigorously tested. In the process of high temperature heating, certain toxic substances will be released.

13 How many oil tanks should be used for cotton and cores to change?

According to the frequency and output power you use. There is no clear standard that requires a few oil tanks and a core change. Depending on the level of production, some players need to be replaced once a day, and some players need to be replaced once every ten days. However, there is no harm in changing some hot silk and cotton wick frequently, that is, you can enjoy the freshest taste and exercise your proficiency. Experience is accumulated in disassembly and disassembly.

14 What is double-strand silk, braided silk? What’s good?

Double strands refer to hot filaments made of single strands side by side. Braided silk refers to three strands of silk that are first braided and then made. Under the same circle diameter and number of circles, these fancy yarns will not have any different taste than single-strand yarns. The only benefit is to exercise hands-on ability, and the final effect is pleasing to the eye.

15XXX wire, how many turns is appropriate?

Now the electronic cigarette winding technology is very mature. The data provided by others is only used as a reference. Others will not understand their own equipment, their own silk, their own taste and affordability. Using the online hot wire making tool can help you understand your needs intuitively.

16 Which one is better, thick wire and thin wire?

The correct answer is that there is no comparison. The final value of 2X4 and 4X2 is the same, and the default resistance value of thick wire is lower. Choose the thickness, just because of your own needs, or production requirements. The only difference is that if the thick wire wants to meet the resistance value of the filament, more turns are needed, and the more turns, the larger the contact area between the hot wire and the cotton core. Smoke is bigger.

17 What is a net? Steel wire? rope?

It is a different way of playing the atomizing core. Although the names are different, their functions are equivalent to cotton. These special materials often require special experience and skills when making them, and it is most suitable for beginners to use cotton.

Is 18 vertical coils good?

Generally used in vertical oil guide type atomizers. This production method is very characteristic, the oil guiding speed is stable, and the amount of smoke is relatively large, but the production is relatively complicated, and the finished product is pleasing to the eye. However, after the installation is completed, it is a disadvantage that the cigarette rod cannot be placed flat. There are also players who try to solve the problem of flat laying, but most of the results are not ideal.


19 What is burning silk and burning net?

Whether it is a heating wire or other core materials, there will be some impurities on the surface before they begin to conduct heat. Such as oil, coating residue and the like. Therefore, use the spray gun to burn the hot wire before installation, which can minimize this kind of impurities. If the hot wire or other heat-conducting medium that is not burned ahead of time is directly sprayed on the e-liquid for atomization, it will have a very choking metallic taste, which will affect your experience of use.


Accessories FAQ


1 What is a power battery?

Power lithium batteries can be discharged at a higher rate.

Taking the power lithium battery of lithium iron phosphate material and the ordinary lithium battery as an example, although the entire positive and negative electrode material system and structure are the same, the positive and negative electrode material particles of the power lithium battery are finer than the ordinary type (increased). Large surface area, speeding up the chemical reaction rate), the diaphragm material and electrolyte used have better conductivity, and the power of the electrodes drawn from the positive and negative electrodes is also more than that of the ordinary type (reduces the internal resistance of the tabs and satisfies more High Current).

218350, 18650, 26650, what are these?

These are all models of power batteries. The first two digits refer to the diameter of the battery and the last three digits are the height of the battery. For example, 18350 refers to a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18MM and a length of 65MM. 26650 is a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 26MM and a height of 65MM.

3 I use a 18350 battery, what range of resistance is suitable?

Generally, the 18350 on the market has a maximum discharge of 15A, so please try to do it above 0.8.

3 How to measure resistance with a multimeter?

a. Adjust the multimeter in your hand to the 200K gear.

b. Calculate the resistance error by shorting the positive and negative needles.

c. Touch the positive and negative needles of the atomizer to the positive and negative electrodes of the atomizer, and subtract the previously calculated error after reading to obtain the current resistance value of the heating wire.


5 Can the batteries be connected in series? Is there any danger?

Concatenation is dangerous, try not to do so.

6 What is a damping tester? Do I need a damping tester to play electronic cigarettes?

The damping tester is a small box that can read the resistance value after the atomizer is installed. It is also called a resistance box. If you are an electronic rod player, you can completely avoid buying this device. If you are a mechanical stick player, please make sure to accurately measure the resistance value before powering on the atomizer.

7A problem with battery life? How long can it be used normally?

Whether the battery can be used for a long time has a lot to do with the frequency and power of your electronic cigarette. Generally, the output power is about 15W, and it is no problem to persist for a day. Keeping two spare batteries on hand is a good option.

8 What is the difference between cotton pads from Gangwon-do and Muji and ordinary cotton?

Both brands of cotton pads are made of organic cotton. Excellent quality, no odor. So they don’t look so white, which is normal. For your health, try to use organic cotton for your wick.

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