Electronic cigarette tornado gameplay, hand shape is the key!

Today I will teach you a little trick to play a tornado with an electronic cigarette.
The gameplay of the tornado is actually very simple, you only need to do the following two preparations:

  1. A relatively flat table
  2. Choose a windless environment. Detailed steps:
    First, gently spit the smoke on the table, when you spit it out like this:

1) Gently cover your mouth with your hands, leaving a certain gap between your hands and the table, so that you can ensure that the spit out smoke slowly stays on the table;

2) After spitting, gently cut into the smoke with one hand. When cutting in, let the little finger and the ring finger touch the tabletop and maintain an angle of 120 degrees with the tabletop;

3), and then quickly move forward a certain distance, and pull up the smoke on the table, so that an artificial smoke tornado is completed. Don’t use too much force in this step, otherwise, the smoke will spread out due to the speed.

Well, have you learned? Go back and practice slowly!

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