Electronic cigarette resistance and power conversion method

What is an electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarettes are electronic products that imitate cigarettes, with the same appearance, smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. It is a product that allows users to smoke after turning nicotine into vapor through atomization and other means. The World Health Organization has conducted research on e-cigarettes and has drawn a clear conclusion: e-cigarettes are harmful to public health, and they are not a means of quitting smoking. It must be regulated to prevent harm to young people and non-smokers.

The structure of electronic cigarette
Although there are styles or brands of electronic cigarettes, generally electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of three parts: a pipe containing nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery rod, which can convert the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into mist, so that the user has a smoking-like feeling when inhaling, and realizes “puffing the cloud”. It can even add chocolate, mint and other flavored spices to the pipe according to personal preference.

Tobacco stick

The internal structure of the cigarette rod uses the same basic components: a light PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, various electronic circuits.

Most electronic cigarettes use lithium ion and secondary battery power components. Battery life depends on battery type and size, usage and operating environment. And there are many different types of battery chargers to choose from, such as socket direct charging, car chargers, and USB interface chargers. The battery is the largest component of an e-cigarette.

Some e-cigarettes use an electronic airflow sensor to activate the heating element, which activates the battery circuit upon inhalation. Whereas manual induction requires the user to press a button and then smoke. Pneumatic is easy to use, the manual circuit is relatively more stable than the pneumatic, and the smoke output is better than the pneumatic. With the development of hardware and software, some manufacturers have begun to develop fully automatic machines to manufacture electronic cigarettes, eliminating the use of manual wiring, welding or electronics to achieve higher safety and reliability.


Generally speaking, the pod is the mouthpiece part, and some factories glue the atomizer together with the pod or e-liquid according to customer needs to make a disposable atomizer. The advantage of this is that it can greatly improve the taste and smoke volume of electronic cigarettes, and at the same time, the quality is more stable, because the atomizer is the most easily damaged, traditional electronic cigarettes are a separate atomizer, which will break in a few days. . The liquid is injected by factory professionals, which avoids the problem of too much or too little liquid injection, which causes the e-liquid to flow back into the mouth or flow to the battery part to corrode the circuit. His use time is longer than other pods.

This technology is now only owned by very few brands. The structure of the atomizer is a heating element, which is powered by a battery to generate heat, so that the e-liquid next to it volatilizes to form smoke, so that when people inhale it, it achieves the effect of “swallowing clouds and spit”.

How to calculate the resistance range of electronic cigarettes suitable for atomizers
Adjust the wattage according to the resistance of the atomizing core. The formula is the square of the voltage divided by the resistance = the starting wattage. That is to say, the voltage of the normal 18650 battery is 3.7 and the square of 3.7 is 13.69 and then divided by the resistance of your atomizing core. The good thing is that the resistance value displayed on the box is equal to the starting wattage after dividing. Generally, the bearing voltage of the box is between 3.7-4.2. It is best to find your own taste between these. divided by resistance. But you don’t know where the number 17 comes from. 17 is the highest value of 4.2, the square of the voltage is approximately equal to 17, and this number will consume faster than the general atomizer core. You should understand why people tell you 17. The wattage equal to 17 divided by the resistance value is not unusable. If the instantaneous discharge is high, it will damage the battery life. Therefore, it is recommended that you start from the starting wattage equal to 13.69 divided by the resistance, and fine-tune it to find your own taste.

How to calculate the power of electronic cigarette

This is not fixed, normally it is the square of the battery voltage divided by the resistance, this is just a suitable power for this resistance, but there is still a range, which is probably fine-tuned between 5-10 watts.

How to adjust the wattage of electronic cigarettes
The power level affects the size of your smoke. Personally, the data of the core is completely random. Depending on the mood, the professional technology of the editor can not reach the level of the big coffees at the Beijing Electronic Cigarette Exhibition, so it is recommended for interested electronic cigarette friends. At that time, we will communicate and discuss electronic cigarettes with the great gods at the Beijing Electronic Cigarette Exhibition. The skill sharing here is also for your reference: the wattage of the electronic cigarette basically follows 17/resistance = wattage, which will basically be controlled within 100 watts, and if it is greater than 100 watts, it will go directly to the mechanical rod.

Here are several groups of data commonly used by e-cigarette players:

  1. The resistance is 0.6Ω, and the power is more than 25 watts;
  2. The smoking taste is generally a resistance of about 1.2-1.6, and the power is pushed by the number of W obtained by 17/resistor;
  3. Different wires, different circle diameters, and different methods have significantly different resistances, and the ways to push out large smoke are also different. Take the common 0.4 wire, 2 rounds, 3 circle diameter, 6 circles, and the resistance is about 0.40, then use 28-30W to push; use a single shot, 3 circle diameter, 6 circles, and the resistance is about 0.80, then Use 15-17W to push.
  4. 1.2 resistance—-50W-70W;
  5. 1.6 resistance—-35W-45W;

6, 0.5 or 0.6 resistor, 25-28 watt push.

How much power you choose depends on what kind of atomizer you are equipped with. If your atomizer cannot withstand such a large current, it will only be a mush smell.

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