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The electronic cigarette atomizer is one of the important components of the electronic cigarette. The main function is to play the role of atomization. It can be said to be the core component of the electronic cigarette. An excellent atomizer must have the advantages of thick heating wire and steel ring protection. In addition, an atomizer with a width of about 5 mm can ensure a better smoke output. Although the atomizer is very important, it is also the most easily damaged if you do not pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. So for beginners, how long can an e-cigarette vaporizer last? This is closely related to the type of purchase and daily maintenance and cleaning.

First, let’s introduce the main types of atomizers:


Electronic cigarette vaporizers are generally divided into first, second and third generations, which mainly change with the innovation of the core technology of electronic cigarettes.

  1. The first-generation atomizers are basically small in capacity, the atomization effect is unstable, and they often leak oil. The average service life is generally about 1-2 months. Because the quality is not stable, they are often criticized and easily broken. (The atomizer of the first generation of electronic cigarettes is easy to burn out. In addition, when replacing the cartridge, it is easy to damage the pointed part of the atomizer. It will be completely worn out over time, and finally the atomizer will not smoke. .)

Such representatives are transparent atomizers, bridgeless atomizers, and bridge atomizers.

  1. Compared with the first-generation electronic cigarette atomizer, the appearance of the second-generation electronic cigarette atomizer has been greatly improved, the atomization effect is relatively stable, and some problems of oil leakage have been solved, but the oil leakage has not been completely solved. The problem is that the atomization is not very thorough, and there is a little burnt smell. The service life is conservatively estimated at 3-4 months, and the quality is relatively stable. (The atomizer of the second-generation electronic cigarette has been improved. There is a protective cover on the outside of the atomizer. The cartridge is inserted into the atomizer, while the first-generation electronic cigarette is the atomizer inserted into the cartridge. The two are just opposite. The characteristic of the second-generation electronic cigarette is that the pod and the atomizer are combined, which is the most significant feature. Every time the user replaces the pod, the atomizer needs to be discarded. This design can solve the problem. The problem of immature atomizer technology.)

Typical representatives are the very popular CE4 atomizers, CE5 atomizers, CE6, CE7, CE8, CE9.


  1. The advantage of the third-generation atomizer is that it completely solves the problem of oil leakage, the atomization effect is more thorough, and there is no burnt smell. And the quality is very stable, generally can be used for about 6-8 months.


(The difference between the first, second and third generations of atomizers is mainly due to the difference in atomizer technology. The traditional first or second generation electronic cigarettes are separate atomizers. In this way, the quality of electronic cigarettes is extremely unstable, because the atomizers It is particularly easy to break. The third-generation electronic cigarettes mostly use disposable atomizer cartridges, which is equivalent to a disposable atomizer. It solves the previous problems of oil leakage and unstable atomization. The product quality has also improved a lot. increase.)

Typical representatives are the current MT3 atomizer, T3S atomizer, etc.


Nebulizer maintenance tips:

When some beginners just start using electronic cigarettes, they often experience improper operation, which leads to damage to the atomizer. of.

Everyone knows that the core of the atomizer is the atomizing core, and the atomizing core is composed of some accessories such as resistance wire and oil-guiding cotton. A common problem with atomizers is that they will produce a burnt smell. The reason is that the heating temperature of the resistance wire is too high, which will burn the oil guide cotton


resulting in an odor. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the remaining amount of e-liquid during daily use, and do not dry the atomizer to prolong its service life.

Therefore, in terms of the maintenance of the atomizing core, it is best to keep the smoke liquid at a level of no less than 1/3, and let the root of the suction rope of the atomizing core be wetted by the smoke liquid as much as possible, so that the dry burning of the atomizing core is not easy to occur. It can prolong the life of the atomizing core (one atomizing core can be replaced once every two weeks if it is well maintained). Just like a candle, if the wax oil is not supplied to the wick, the wick string will be carbonized.

Precautions for daily replacement of atomizers:

You can usually pay attention to the following two points for the protection of electronic cigarette vaporizers:

  1. First of all, it is clear that the commonly used atomizers do not use pods very much, so you only need to unscrew the atomizer and inject the e-liquid at a certain angle. Do not drop the e-liquid into the vent hole in the middle of the atomizer to avoid problems such as short circuit of the battery.


  1. Most of the atomizers now can replace the atomizing core, so after the replacement, you need to wait for 4-5 minutes, and you can try to smoke after the e-liquid is completely soaked into the heating wire of the atomizer, which can protect the Anti-dry burning of the atomizer!


How to clean the atomizer

The atomizer needs to be cleaned regularly after a period of use. The inside of the atomizer will be stained with some non-volatile liquid condensate, if the accumulation is too much, it will affect the atomization effect of the atomizer, and then lead to the taste of the taste. (The recommended frequency of daily cleaning of the atomizer is once a week.)

In addition, when changing e-liquids of different flavors, it is also necessary to clean the atomizer in advance to prevent the residual smell of various flavors, such as burnt smell, throat choking, lung choking, etc., which will affect the taste experience.

Moreover, the price of the atomizer is relatively expensive, and it is inevitable that it is not cost-effective to replace it frequently, so it has to be reused. This involves the cleaning of the atomizer. The following are five correct cleaning methods for beginners, for reference only:

  1. Hot water (warm water is fine)

If there is still e-juice left in the atomizer, place it on a paper towel at an angle. After the residual e-juice slowly flows out, it can be washed with hot water. The specific steps are: pour in an appropriate amount of hot water, shake gently for 1-2 minutes, wait for the dirt inside to dissolve in the hot water, then slowly pour out the water to dry, or use a hair dryer to quickly dry it. OK. It’s just that this method is suitable for easy cleaning, it will not be very clean, and there will still be residual odor that affects the taste.


  1. Vinegar

Put the atomizer in water mixed with vinegar, add a little more vinegar, and then boil it. After heating for about 10 minutes, rinse it with clean water and blow dry. Cleaning the atomizer with vinegar is a relatively good choice. The effect is OK, because the dirt will be decomposed under the chemical reaction of vinegar and high temperature. After that, just wash it with clean water and dry it, and the cleaning effect is still good.


  1. Coke

Soak the nebulizer in a glass of cola drink, it will take about 24 hours. After completion, take it out, wash it with warm water, cold water, or boiling water, and finally blow dry. This method is cumbersome and time-consuming, and the effect is not very ideal. After washing, the smell will still be a little strong, so it is not recommended to use it often.

  1. Vodka.

Dry the atomizer, pour in an appropriate amount of vodka, seal the mouth of the atomizer with your fingers, shake it gently for one to two minutes, and then pour it out. Then rinse it off with hot water and let it dry. Remember, you don’t need to blow, the vodka flavor needs to slowly fade away. It’s a lovely method, but it’s also an effective way to basically get rid of the dirt and smell from the inside walls of the vape.


  1. Inclined placement method.

Lay a piece of paper towel flat on the table, and place the atomizer on it. It will take about 24 hours, and the smoke liquid in the electronic cigarette atomizer will slowly flow out. Rinse with warm water afterwards, and finally blow dry with a hair dryer, which is also considered to be a more effective method. This method is similar to the hot water method, and the two can be used interchangeably with reference to each other.


The above are five common methods of cleaning atomizers. The solvents used are also common beverages and alcohols in daily life. There is no need to spend extra time and money to buy special cleaning agents, and at least avoid the use of some strong acids and strong oxidizing agents. The potential negative effects of the cleaning agent on the human body, in short, very convenient, safe and practical. Novices can refer to the above methods, maintain them properly, and regularly clean the atomizer to extend its service life.

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