E-liquid for beginners of electronic cigarettes

Many novice friends have heard of “homemade e-liquid”. In fact, the composition of e-liquid is relatively simple. I introduced it to you in the previous article. Although the taste of e-liquid is ever-changing, the ingredients are always the same, mainly including: PG, VG, flavor, nicotine solution and additives. These raw materials are very common raw materials in daily life, so it also makes it possible to make homemade e-liquid. However, please note that the raw materials must be “food grade” or “pharmaceutical grade” to avoid any impact on health. Many merchants use shoddy products and use industrial-grade raw materials to pretend to be food-grade, and novices cannot distinguish them, so this is one of the reasons why novices are not recommended to make their own e-liquids.

  1. The composition of smoke oil
    Let’s review the use of each component of e-liquid:

1, PG, also known as propylene glycol. It is a very widely used raw material that we come into contact with almost every day in our daily life. Such as cakes, hand sanitizers, lipsticks, etc., PG can be found. The main functions of PG in e-liquid are to dissolve the essence, produce a certain throat hit and dilute the viscosity of e-liquid. Generally, the PG used in home-made e-liquids is mostly “Dow” food-grade PG, which must meet the “FDA” standard to be relatively safe and healthy. However, many people are allergic to PG, and inhaling a large amount of pure PG mist can cause adverse reactions such as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, which can be life-threatening in serious cases. So there is no “pure PG” component of e-liquid.

2, VG, also known as glycerol or vegetable glycerin. I believe that many people are not unfamiliar with it, because if you want to play big smoke, you must have VG. Its main function is to generate a lot of fog. However, VG has a high viscosity and poor fluidity, so it is generally necessary to use PG or distilled water for dilution, and compared with PG, general flavors and additives are difficult to dissolve in VG. VG is much softer than PG, and the smoke produced is soft at the entrance, but its effect on improving the taste of e-liquid is obviously not as good as that of PG.

  1. Flavor, flavor determines the taste of an e-liquid, which is divided into two types: domestic flavor and imported flavor. Imported flavors should try to use special flavors for “electronic cigarettes”, because they are specially designed and produced for the modulation of e-liquids. From flavor to solubility and other properties, it is better than ordinary edible flavors. For domestic flavors, it is best to use high-temperature edible baking flavors, and use “water-soluble” or “oil-water-soluble” flavors to avoid turbidity that is insoluble in PG.
  2. Nicotine solution, which is one of the high-risk raw materials. As we all know, pure nicotine is highly toxic. Needless to say, if it gets on the skin, even if you smell it, it will produce a toxic reaction. Pure nicotine is also one of the highly toxic and dangerous goods controlled by the state, so you can only use it to make e-liquid. nicotine solution. As the name implies, it is to dissolve pure nicotine into PG solvent. By controlling the amount of nicotine added, nicotine solutions of different concentrations will be obtained. The common ones are 36mg/ml and 40mg/ml. It means that every 1 ml of nicotine solution contains 36 or 40 mg of nicotine. Users can then adjust according to their own
    The target concentration of e-liquid is converted to obtain the dosage used.

For example, to make 10ml of e-juice with a concentration of 6mg, let’s calculate that the total amount of nicotine in 10ml of e-juice is 6×10=60mg. If a nicotine solution with a concentration of 40mg is used, then the calculation method is 60÷40=1.5ml, and if the nicotine solution is 36mg, then it is 60÷36=1.6mg. It should be noted here that although the nicotine content of nicotine solution is low, nicotine can be absorbed through the skin and even the respiratory tract, so when using nicotine solution, you must pay attention to safety, take protective measures, and wear gloves, masks, goggles , avoid skin and eye contact with nicotine solution. In the event of an accident, first rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately. Nicotine solution is toxic, and novices rarely realize the danger, and the dosage may be converted incorrectly, so it is highly not recommended for novices to use nicotine solution to make e-liquid. Be sure to pay attention to safety!

5, additives, its role is to improve the taste or taste. Common examples are: throat lozenges, which can make the e-juice enter the throat more smoothly and reduce irritation; sweeteners, increase the sweetness of e-juice; sweeteners, can reduce the “sweetness” of e-juice entrance, ethyl malt Phenols, flavoring; etc. There are also special ones. For example, “distilled water” is used to dilute the overall viscosity of e-juice, and many e-juices with pure “VG” components will be added. Additives are not necessarily required to be added to e-liquid, and need to be considered according to the formula or actual situation.

  1. Several concepts of homemade e-liquid
  2. “PV ratio”. Before making e-liquid, the first parameter to be determined is the ratio of PG to VG. If the PG is too high, the taste of e-liquid is more stimulating and tastes better. However, if the proportion of PG is too high, in addition to less smoke, it will also cause symptoms such as sore throat and dizziness. If the VG content is too high, although the smoke will become larger, the fluidity of the e-liquid will also become worse, which is not conducive to oil guiding, and will corrode the acrylic chamber. Generally, “pure VG” e-liquids are mostly used in large smoke drops. So the correct “PG ratio” will balance the smoke volume and taste of the e-liquid.
    Commonly used “PV ratios” are 7:3, 6:4, and 5:5. Most of the homemade e-liquids use a ratio of “5:5”.
  3. “E-juice nicotine concentration”. The concentration has also been roughly mentioned before, which is to determine the nicotine content of the e-liquid. Homemade e-liquids are mostly 6mg, 4mg, 3mg and 0mg, which can be determined according to your own habits. The nicotine solution is calculated into the overall PG content.

3, “flavor ratio”. The proportion of flavor in e-liquid usually does not exceed “20%”, which means that if you make 10ml of e-liquid, the total amount of flavor should not exceed 2ml. If it is a “single” flavor, and only one flavor essence is used in the e-liquid, the proportion usually does not exceed “10~15%”. This flavor ratio, plus the PV ratio mentioned above, usually has two calculation methods. The first is to calculate the flavor as a part alone. For example, to make 10ml of e-liquid with a PV ratio of 5:5, then the dosage is 4mlPG+4mlVG. and 2ml of fragrance. The second method is to include the flavor in PG. This is because the base liquid of most e-liquid flavors is pg, so the method of including PG is more accurate. For example, 10ml is still prepared, the PV ratio is 5:5, the concentration is 6mg of e-liquid, and the concentration of nicotine solution used is 40mg, then the dosage is as follows: VG5ml, PG1.5ml, nicotine solution 1.5ml, and flavor totaling 2ml. As can be seen from this example, both nicotine solutions and flavors are counted under PG. Which method to use, you can refer to the type of base liquid that uses the fragrance. If it is an imported special flavor, then the base liquid is mostly PG, so it can be calculated like this. If it is a domestic flavor or you do not know the specific type of base liquid, you can calculate it according to the first method.

  1. “Wake up oil”. Many people do not understand the role and method of waking up oil at first. How long does it take to wake up? Open the lid or keep it sealed? Do you have to stir every day? In fact, the function of waking up the oil is to make the various components of the e-liquid evenly combined together to “homogenize”. The time required for this “homogenization” varies according to the type of fragrance and the complexity of the formulation. Usually tobacco-flavored oils and oils with complex formulas take relatively longer, while fruit-based oils require less time, and even single-flavored e-liquids can be used the next day.
    In addition to “homogenization”, “wake up oil” also has the effect of “alcoholization”. Just like wine, the longer it ages, the better it tastes. For example, the taste of the oil test on the second day is not as good as the taste on the seventh day, and the taste after half a month is not as good as the taste after waking up the oil for a month. The longer the time is, the more mellow the taste and taste of the e-liquid will be. If you are not in a hurry to smoke, the homemade oil stored for a month will definitely make you feel that the time spent is worth it. Of course, e-liquid also has a shelf life. Without a professional storage environment, the shelf life of e-liquid is usually 1 to 2 years. So you don’t need to wake up for a long time.

Should the lid be opened or sealed, should it be shaken, stirred or left to stand every day? In fact, the main purpose of opening the lid is to release some peculiar smells of the raw materials. As for the contact and reaction with the air, the author thinks that it is not necessary to open the lid for a long time, and the essence will be volatilized. The author’s recommended practice is that in the first three days after preparation, shake for a few minutes, then open the lid and let it sit for 1 minute before closing the lid. After 3 days, you only need to shake it evenly every day, no need to open the cap. After 7 days, you don’t even need to shake it, just wait for the e-liquid to get better on its own.

  1. Other issues
  2. The original intention of many people to use homemade oil is to save money. The cost of homemade oil is relatively low. According to the calculation of 100ml, the cost of 20ml of essence is about 40 yuan. Adding PG, VG and nicotine solution, the total cost is about 50 yuan. That is to say, the cost of making 1ml of e-liquid is about 0.5 yuan. The price is similar to that of domestic e-liquid, so many people like to make their own e-liquid. In fact, e-liquid is also one of the “giant pits” in vape, because when you enter the “oil pit”, you will find that the charm of homemade oil is not to save money, but to invent and create flavors and recipes by yourself! Adjust the e-liquid to your liking. This is where homemade oil really appeals. Therefore, those who enter the oil pit end up either getting out of the pit because of trouble, or obsessed with the ocean of flavors and unable to extricate themselves. Therefore, the self-made oil pit is deep, and you need to be cautious when entering the pit.

2, on the production method and preparation tools. Many people don’t know where to start. The author’s suggestion is to first look for some “clone” refined oil formulas, choose a few flavors that you like, and then buy the flavor according to the flavor content on the formula, so that you won’t be confused. The author recommends that beginners start with two formulas, “Mother’s Milk” and “Dragon’s Blood”, because these two formulas are very similar, you can make two kinds of e-liquid to experience without investing too much essence, which is more suitable newbie. This is also a trick for the beginning of homemade e-liquid. Try to choose a formula with a high degree of coincidence of flavors and flavors to make it, so as to avoid too much initial investment, and buy a lot of flavors but only use 0.1ml and keep them idle to avoid waste.
In terms of tools, the most common mistake a novice makes is to buy a lot of various tool accessories. As a result, after configuring it twice, you will find that many of them are unusable. In fact, you don’t need too much equipment, just one 50ml beaker, and a lazy person can buy another 100ml beaker, 50ml is used to make 10ml or 30ml “small samples” of e-liquid, and 100ml is used to make the final shape “” finished product”. The author suggests that it is best not to exceed 100ml for one-time production, because no matter how much you like the taste, continuous smoking will have a greasy day. 100ml of e-juice is often less than half of the smoke, so if it is not for long-term “hoarding” ”, don’t make too many at one time.

In addition to the beaker, the most important thing is the stirrer. The students who have the electric drill have found a new use for the electric drill… Those who don’t have it can buy a small electric “stirrer”, preferably a plug-in type, because Most blenders that run on batteries are underpowered and very power hungry. Then there is the syringe. The 1ml syringe is used to extract essence, and the 5ml syringe is used to extract pg and vg. If you want to make large batches, you will also need a 50ml or 20ml syringe. That’s basically all set. Don’t buy a bunch of flashy stuff because it’s not going to be used at all. After getting started, consider getting advanced equipment such as magnetic stirrers. The most important thing is that disposable gloves are necessary to prevent the skin from sticking to the nicotine solution and contaminating the e-liquid. The author of goggles also recommends getting one to prevent nicotine and e-liquid from entering the eyes when stirring. According to the specification, masks are also required, but if you can hold your breath when operating the nicotine solution, you can not use it, but remember, do not smell the nicotine solution! The author tells you that the taste is very bad and the harm is not small.

Try to use lead-free glass dropper bottles for e-liquid, which is good for health and hygiene. If it is stored for a long time, try not to use containers such as plastic and silica gel to avoid reaction with the e-liquid and affect the quality and taste of e-liquid.


In fact, it is not difficult to make homemade oil. Everyone feels very complicated and troublesome before entering the oil pit. Once you try it twice, you will feel that the preparation process is very simple, and it can be made easily. The difficulty lies in how to improve and invent your own formula, how to master the characteristics of various flavors and flavors and how to match them well, which is the difficulty and essence of homemade e-liquid. Therefore, many people go deeper and deeper into the oil pit, unable to extricate themselves.
Since it is mainly written for novices, it is used to get a general understanding, so it is not written in great detail, but is written very casually. It is inevitable that there will be fallacies. For homemade oil, the point of view is, do not support, do not oppose. Homemade oil has risks in terms of hygiene and safety, and the raw materials are very difficult to distinguish and check for novices. So be careful when entering the pit! Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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