E-cigarettes are better for smoking cessation than nicotine replacement therapy, researchers in London, UK show

According to news from the American Tobacco Industry Communication Network, a recent study by researchers at Queen Mary University of London published in “Addiction” (“Addiction”) shows that compared with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), e-cigarettes More effective in achieving smoking reduction and smoking cessation.

In the study, 135 smokers who could not quit smoking by conventional methods were randomly divided into two groups, one of which chose NRT to quit smoking, and the other group used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. After 6 months, 27% of people in the e-cigarette group had reduced their smoking by at least half, compared with 6% of those in the NRT group; 19% of smokers in the e-cigarette group quit smoking completely, And only 3% in the NRT group.

The study’s lead researcher, health psychologist Katie Myers Smith, believes that these findings have important clinical implications for smokers who are unable to quit with conventional treatment, and should therefore recommend the use of e-cigarettes to smokers who have previously had difficulty quitting using other methods. .

Michelle Mitchell, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, which funded the study, said the study showed that e-cigarettes are a very effective tool for smokers who want to quit and who have tried to quit, but e-cigarettes are not without risks. And its long-term health effects are unknown, so people who have never smoked should still not use e-cigarettes.

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