Do e-cigarettes exhale water vapor?

We can see from the Internet that most companies claim that e-cigarettes do not have a combustion process, and their smoke is water vapor formed by electronically heated smog, which will not cause harm to the body. Some people can even use it anytime and anywhere, not afraid of non-smoking areas.

Electronic cigarettes emit water vapor, not just water vapor, of course, but also aerosols, particulate matter (including fine and ultrafine particles), 1,2-propanediol, certain volatile organic compounds, certain heavy metals and nicotine.

So if you want to use e-cigarettes, don’t use them in public places. Smoking is kept away from pregnant women, children and the elderly.

What is the composition of the smoke of electronic cigarettes, is it carbon?

Carbon-free, electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of e-liquid (including nicotine, flavor, solvent propylene glycol, etc.). When heated, an aerosol with a specific smell is produced for the smoker. Generally, electronic cigarettes refer to electronic nicotine delivery systems, including electronic cigarettes, hookah pipes and hookah pens. In a narrow sense, electronic cigarettes refer to portable electronic cigarettes that are similar in shape to cigarettes. While e-cigarettes come in different styles and brands, they generally consist of three parts: a tube that stores the nicotine solution, a vaporizer, and a battery. The nebulizer is powered by a battery stick that turns the liquid nicotine in the pipe into a vapor, giving the user a smoking sensation. It can even be added in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to mint, according to your personal preference.

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