Do e-cigarettes cause cancer?

Electronic cigarettes rely on heating the heating wire to evaporate the e-liquid (the main components of glycerin and polyethylene glycol) in the e-cigarette cotton at high temperature to generate “smoke” that enters the lungs. Generally speaking, the substances in e-liquid are not carcinogenic. Even small amounts of nicotine in e-liquids are not cancer-causing.

However, people who often play electronic cigarettes will know that the atomizing core is easy to be burned. After the atomizing core is burned, the people who are aware of it may not feel it, so they do not replace the atomizing core and continue to use it. In this case, the cotton in the atomizing core has been mushy, and the inhaled smoke is likely to contain carcinogens!

Therefore, I personally recommend that you use an oil drop atomizer. It is more convenient to replace the heating wire and cotton, and it is more convenient to observe whether the cotton is burnt, and it is easier to replace cigarettes with a larger amount of smoke.

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