Diagram of how to blow smoke ring in electronic cigarette

Picture this: at a dinner party, you suddenly look up and see a ring of smoke rise from the crowd and float across the room. Cool, isn’t it?
Even if the whole room is full of people playing cigarettes, it must be the focus of attention. 
In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems to be able to spit out a thick smoke ring and float in the air.
How to blow smoke rings when playing electronic cigarettes?
Hurry up and prepare your electronic cigarette equipment, the editor will teach you how to master the enviable e-cigarette smoking ring skills immediately. 
Skill 1. Use electronic cigarettes to blow ordinary smoke rings

  1. Incomplete inhalation of smoke. Let the smoke stop in your throat, not just in your mouth. This takes a bit of getting used to and can cause coughing.
  2. Roll your tongue toward your throat. Close your mouth and roll your tongue so that it is as close to the bottom of your mouth as possible, so that the smoke can escape from your lips.
  3. Make an “O” shape of the mouth. At the same time, “pull” your lips together in an “O” shape (like making a “woo” sound). The size of your mouth is what you feel comfortable with. Not too tight, leave some space between your lips. At this time, other people will think you are funny without knowing what you are doing.
  4. Introduce a small amount of cigarettes. How to do it? The best way to describe it is as if you were making a sound after choking, tightening your throat and squeezing the air out. You’ll feel the pressure, the smoke is being puffed out quickly, and your vocal cords won’t be used here. If there’s any difference between speaking and choking, it’s that the sound from the throat is lower here. Try not to breathe, keep your chin still, and push a small amount of air out of your throat. Once you master this technique, blowing smoke rings becomes easy. Keep the shape of your lips intact while a small amount of air is pushed out of your mouth. Here comes the hardest part of blowing smoke rings. Make sure your tongue is at the deepest point in the back of your mouth to hold enough smoke to form a smoke ring, and then exhale fully to exhale the smoke. 

Tip 2: Use electronic cigarettes to blow smoke rings to increase the rotation and speed of the smoke rings

  1. When you have mastered the basic skills, you can try to blow a whirling smoke ring. When you feel the smoke leaving your lips, move your tongue forward, but keep the tip of your tongue down. Don’t let the tip of your tongue go higher than your teeth or it will affect the smoke ring. Think of your tongue as a conveyor belt. At the same time, the chin rises slightly and rapidly. The lips are tightened slightly and rapidly inward. This will have the effect of “circling” the smoke ring, helping the smoke ring not to spread out, forming a very beautiful thick smoke ring.
  2. Try to push your tongue forward quickly and your chin forward quickly, which will make your smoke ring move faster and farther. These two actions are the last two actions to push the “O”-shaped smoke ring out of the mouth. The difference from the technique of rotating the smoke ring is that the chin is moved forward, and the rotation technique is to move the chin upward. Try to keep the tip of your tongue all the way up against the gums of the lower front teeth, then push with only the middle of your tongue. The hardest part of this smoke ring technique to master is the movement of the jaw. You need to slowly experience it yourself and figure it out. This technique takes a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’re a master at blowing smoke rings, capable of making them appear as if they won’t stop unless they’re disturbed.
  3. Use your lips to influence how far the smoke ring moves. When you close and open the glottis, if you squeeze your lips quickly, the smoke ring will move very quickly. Tighten your lips further and the smoke ring will go faster and farther. However, don’t shrink too much or too quickly. Timing is very important. If the contraction is too fast, the smoke ring exhaled will be much smaller than expected. 

Skill 3. Use electronic cigarettes to blow smoke rings, a quick method for beginners

  1. Tap the cheek when blowing the smoke ring. Although considered “cheating” by some, it’s a simple and effective way to blow out small smoke rings without having to master throat technique. Gather the smoke in your mouth, but don’t inhale. Push your lips into a small “O” shape. Use your tongue and mouth to exhale the smoke slowly and steadily, and at the same time, continuously flick or pat your cheeks. With every flick of the cheek, there’s a mini smoke ring! You can tap continuously, or you can leave a certain interval in between.
  2. Try pushing the smoke ring with your tongue. Basically just use your tongue to push the smoke ring out of your mouth, no need to “spit” at all. Roll your tongue back toward your throat, with the tip of your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, so that your tongue forms an upside-down “U” shape. Use the flat side of the tongue to quickly push the smoke out of the mouth. Do this by dragging the tip of the tongue across the floor of the mouth, while keeping the inverted “U” intact. The smoke rings produced in this way are relatively small and last for a short time, but are very easy to do. 

If there are a lot of people moving around in your vicinity, any form of wind or air movement that is brought in will make it difficult for smoke rings to form. In this case, trying to find a more suitable spot in the room, determine the direction of air flow, and then blow the smoke ring in the opposite direction can be very effective. Practice in front of a mirror. You can see the shape of the smoke, how it flows, and how your mouth affects them. Learning how to blow out the perfect smoke ring takes patience. You can’t do it right the first time, and it takes a lot of effective practice time to be perfect. It is possible to blow smoke rings outdoors, but be careful with wind, which can easily prevent you from blowing out a full smoke ring. Breathing against the wind will only work if you take into account the physical direction of the smoke ring (vortex) that forms. 
To pass a small smoke ring through a large smoke ring, it is only necessary to consider the direction and speed of the flow of the smoke ring. Start by carefully blowing out a smoke ring, keeping it in shape and moving slowly, then narrowing your lips and blowing out a smaller smoke ring. This little smoke ring should move faster, if not, “pull” your lips to make it move faster. In this way, the purpose can be achieved! For beginners, there’s an easy way to maintain the speed and precision of the smoke ring: stick your chin forward instead of forcing air into the valve. Try to keep your tongue out of the way as much as possible when blowing smoke rings. It will disrupt the rotation of your smoke ring. Put your tongue comfortably on the bottom of your mouth, don’t force it, just put the side down. The speed at which the smoke ring moves depends on how hard you delay the “uh” sound. In order to do this, you have to push the smoke down your throat with your diaphragm, as if you were having trouble breathing or coughing. 

Warning: Do not blow smoke rings at the face of a beautiful woman, it is very impolite.

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