CRLBAR launches a new generation of electronic cigarettes using ultrasonic atomization technology

On April 16, 2022, the electronic cigarette industry ushered in a new generation of products. CRLBAR launched a revolutionary ultrasonic atomization technology, seeking to further improve the user experience.

Traditional electronic cigarette devices usually use coils made of resistance wire. When current flows, the coil is heated, which further heats the e-liquid into atomization. However, this traditional heating process results in frequent replacement of the coils, dry burning and even a burning smell.
The CRLBAR team continued to improve the process, eventually using ultrasonic technology to solve this problem. CRLBAR’s ultrasonic chip can vibrate at a frequency of 3 million times per second, breaking down e-liquid into vapor and atomizing without using traditional heating.
The use of ultrasonic technology can generate smaller vapor atomized particles and improve the delivery efficiency of nicotine, thereby increasing the user’s pleasure. Because no heating coil is used, dry burning and burning are effectively avoided. Moreover, in a low temperature environment, the possibility of chemical reaction of electronic cigarette oil can be reduced, and the generation of harmful substances can be reduced.

More and more smokers are looking for less harmful alternatives to traditional tobacco. The CRLBAR team hopes that their products can maximize harm reduction while continuously improving user satisfaction.   OCO   GREEN MOOD   CIRQUE DU SALT    EJUICE   VAPIONEER   ZENITH  TRANSPRING   VAPIONEER    DESIRE DESIGN   SIGELEI   MEDO

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