Classification of electronic cigarettes

The principle of electronic cigarette: the current passes through the heating wire to heat the smoke liquid to vaporize and generate steam.
Electronic cigarettes are generally divided into two parts, batteries and atomizers. Generally speaking, the two parts are separated. The batteries and atomizer products of various manufacturers can be used in conjunction with each other, but there are exceptions. Now major manufacturers have successively launched atomizers with a resistance value lower than 1.0 ohm (sub ohm). This type of atomizer / atomizer can only be used on batteries that support less than 1.0 ohms.
battery classification
disposable electronic cigarette
ego series ego battery
mechanical battery compartment mechanical mod
Adjustable voltage battery compartment regulated mod/ variable voltage (wattage) mod

Atomizer classification
Disposable cartridge cartomizer
Oil storage atomizer (small) clearomizer/ atomizer
Oil storage atomizer (large) tank atomizer
DIY oil storage large atomizer RTA/RBA (rebuildable tank atomizer)
DIY dripper atomizer RDA (rebuildable dripper atomizer)

According to the classification of electronic cigarettes on the market:

  1. If classified by charging method
  2. Electronic cigarettes that cannot be recharged and reused: Disposable cigarettes
  3. Two-stage direct charging and rechargeable electronic cigarette: The battery is designed as a component, which is directly charged with the atomizer and transpiration equipment that holds the nicotine solution. (Most of the planning forms in the market are like this)
  4. Portable rechargeable electronic cigarette: the battery is planned as a component, together with a cigarette tube containing nicotine solution, a transpiration device, and a mobile charging device (similar to a mobile phone charging treasure device)
  5. Wireless charging electronic cigarette: At present, the wireless charging technology is not perfect. Most of the powerful electronic cigarette development teams have this project, which is one of the development trends of electronic cigarettes in the future.
  6. If classified according to the formation of electronic cigarettes:
  7. Imitation cigarette: The size and appearance of the cigarette are the same as the real cigarette, and the bright end of the electronic cigarette light has the same function as the ash head when smoking
  8. Non-simulation cigarettes: all kinds of shapes, suitable for all kinds of people.
  9. Throughout the history of the development of electronic cigarettes, a total of several categories of products have been presented, which are explained in detail here:
  10. Cigar electronic cigarette: It should be said that the originator of electronic cigarette Ruyan created this cigar at the beginning
  11. Pipe electronic cigarettes: electronic cigarettes shaped like pipes;
  12. Flat mouth electronic cigarette: the cigarette holder is a plastic flat mouth;
  13. Mini electronic cigarette: the shape is more like the scale of cigarettes;
  14. Women’s electronic cigarettes: the diameter is very thin, much like women’s cigarettes;
    6.cartmizer electronic cigarette (boutique electronic cigarette): The atomizer and the cartridge are integrated together, it is not easy to leak liquid, and the smoke volume is larger;
  15. Soft cigarette holder electronic cigarette: The cigarette holder resembles the cigarette holder of a cigarette;
  16. Disposable electronic cigarette: the cigarette rod of the electronic cigarette cannot be charged;
  17. Disposable cigar electronic cigarette: the shape is like a cigar, but the cigarette rod cannot be charged;
  18. EGO electronic cigarette: the shape is relatively large;
  19. VGO electronic cigarette: EGO with a relatively large shape using a cartmizer;
  20. Mechanical electronic cigarettes: Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes do not have a circuit board. They rely entirely on mechanical principles to transmit current to the atomizer. The battery capacity is generally large and can be replaced at the same time.
  21. High-power electronic cigarette: can adjust the wattage of the electronic cigarette, bringing the pleasure of a large amount of smoke. It is the most popular electronic cigarette on the market today.
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