Classification of atomizing coils

The type of atomizing core actually corresponds to the classification of the atomizer. Atomizers can be divided into two categories: “finished atomizers” and “RBA rebuildable atomizers”. The life of the atomizing coil of different types of atomizers is also different.

A. As the name suggests, the “finished atomizer” uses an atomizing coil that has been uniformly processed and manufactured by the factory. Users can purchase and replace it directly. For example, Dasvape’s D60 and D80 use finished atomizing coils.

The life of the atomizing coil
Normally, the service life of the finished atomizing coil should be about 7 days to half a month. However, due to the different frequency and e-liquid used by each person, the life of the atomizing coil will also be different.

Due to the different habits of each person, the lifespan of RBA’s atomizing coil is also quite different. Some people like to replace it once a day, even once a tank of oil, while some people replace it every 3-5 days, of course, there are also half a month. Even if it is replaced after a month, it is often “shocking” when the atomizing coil is replaced.

Factors affecting the life of the atomizing coil
The life of the atomizing coil varies with the user’s usage habits. Some people may use the same atomizing coil for half a month, while others can only use it for three days. So what factors affect the life of the atomizing coil?

A. Power. The atomizing coil has a certain range of power that can be tolerated. If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will over-evaporate the e-juice, and the surrounding cotton will burn the cotton if it is too late to replenish the e-juice, resulting in a sticky smell, affecting the Taste and texture.

B. Smoke oil. The biggest impact of e-liquid on the life of the atomizing coil is “carbon deposition”. The raw materials and additives of different brands of e-liquid are different, which will result in different rates of “carbon deposition”. For example, “Malay e-liquid” is recognized as “high carbon deposition rate” e-liquid, so try to use it with an RBA atomizer. Even if carbon deposition is formed quickly, which affects the taste and use, you can remake a good atomizer. coil.

C. Improper usage. Most off-the-shelf atomizers come with the coil already installed. It is best for users to remove the atomizing coil first, and drip a small amount of e-liquid into the cotton around the oil guide hole and coil to soak the cotton. This step is called “moistening the coil”. The purpose of this is to wet the cotton in advance so that the e-liquid can be absorbed more smoothly. If the atomizing coil is not completely soaked, it may burn the cotton after ignition, and absorb the mouthful of paste smell.

D. High VG e-juice. Generally speaking, the higher the VG, the greater the amount of smoke, and the more viscous and less fluid the e-liquid is. Therefore, e-liquids with high VG content are often used with large smoke atomizers, such as drop oil atomizers. However, the oil guiding system of some finished oil storage and taste atomizers cannot cope with the high VG ratio of e-liquid, and will burn the atomizing coil because the oil guiding speed cannot keep up. Therefore, the PG/VG ratio of e-liquid also affects the atomization. a factor in the lifetime of the coil.

When should the atomizing coil be replaced?
There is no fixed replacement cycle for the atomizing coil in actual use, and it can only be judged according to the user’s own experience whether the replacement cycle has been reached. You can judge by the following performances:

A. Judging by the change in the taste of e-liquid. During use, if the smell of the e-juice becomes worse, mixed with a bit of paste (burning cotton), and the roar of the e-juice becomes stronger, and there is a feeling of “spicy throat”, then it is necessary to check whether the atomizing coil has been Serious carbon deposits need to be replaced.

B. Observe the inside of the atomizing coil. You can remove the oil tank and observe the inside of the atomizing coil to see if the cotton around the coil is burnt, discolored and carbon deposited, and decide whether to replace it according to the situation.

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