Can the ultrasonic technology of electronic cigarette vaporizers be completed?

Recently, the discussion on the topic of ultrasonic atomization in the industry has been increasing day by day. All major electronic atomizer brands have begun to make efforts in the field of ultrasonic atomization. Ultrasonic atomization has become a hot spot in the future. road.

Ultrasonic atomization has also been confirmed at the IECIE exhibition some time ago – some brands have come up with miniaturized ultrasonic herbal atomization equipment that can be used stably.

When discussing the possibility of applying ultrasonic atomization technology to electronic atomization equipment, I once concluded an article titled “”Ultrasonic atomization will dominate the world?” So why can’t it be done now? ” article.
It mentions:

“In the electronic atomizers currently used, the particle size of the atomized particles of the ceramic core is between 0.5 and 0.55 microns, and the particle size of the cotton core is larger, between 0.7 and 0.75 microns. The atomized particles have a taste range. Yes, between 0.5 and 1 micron, the larger the particles, the better the taste and the richer the layers, and beyond this range, the larger the particle size, the less you can feel the rich taste.”

This point explains the reason why ultrasonic atomization does not work in the electronic atomizer industry from the technical level – ultrasonic equipment atomization equipment cannot fully atomize edible glycerin, that is, glycerol – and glycerol is used as a conventional electronic atomizer. Presence of nebulizer base fluid.

What are the difficulties in using ultrasonic technology in the field of atomization

To figure this out, first we have to figure out the composition of the nebulizer. According to the information learned by relevant professionals, the current cost of atomized liquid is roughly divided into two types: water agent and oil agent. Aqueous agent means that the composition of the atomized liquid is an aqueous pharmaceutical solution, and does not contain oily liquid components such as glycerol.

If an aqueous drug solvent is used as the atomizing liquid, ultrasonic atomization can be achieved, and the general method is similar to hospital atomization. This is introduced in the article mentioned above, and will not be repeated here. However, there is a problem with this ultrasonic atomized water agent atomization liquid, that is, it cannot achieve smoking.

After the water is atomized by ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, the atomized particles are too large to form aerosols, resulting in the atomized water mist can only reach the upper respiratory tract and cannot enter the lungs. And after the water mist reaches the upper respiratory tract, it is immediately absorbed, so it is impossible to exhale smoke.

The inability to spit smoke means that a complete set of “smokers’ experience” from inhalation to spit cannot be realized. According to the person in charge of the relevant brand party who is conducting research and development of ultrasonic atomization technology, although herbal atomization and electronic cigarettes are completely complete. Different products, but due to the similar use methods, the lack of water-based ultrasonic atomization in the “smoker experience” link is not conducive to market promotion.

In addition to water-based atomizing liquids, there are also oil-based atomizing liquids. Ultrasonic atomizing liquids also have insurmountable obstacles to the atomization effect of oil-based atomizing liquids. It is understood that the atomization liquid based on conventional glycerol cannot be well applied to ultrasonic atomization, and only a small amount of small molecular oil atomization liquid can be used for ultrasonic atomization.

Another point is the miniaturization of ultrasonic equipment, which is still an insurmountable technical barrier for most brands of Chen. Ultrasonic equipment is difficult to integrate on small equipment, whether it is power consumption or part volume. Moreover, because the battery material science has not yet made breakthroughs, there is currently no better solution.

How to achieve stable use

According to the head of the marketing department of Bolton Group, Bolton Group Technology is conducting research on ultrasonic atomization. The solution adopted by the research team is to optimize the molecular structure of glycerol, and is trying to develop small molecular oil based on edible glycerin to ensure that the atomized liquid is fully atomized under high-frequency vibration.

At the same time, the research team is developing aerosols in parallel, and said that water and oil may be used as solvents for different herbal extracts, and the future product line will not be limited.

In terms of equipment, the marketing department of Bolton said that in order to adapt to the atomizing liquid, the research team improved the frequency of ultrasonic vibration, and increased the frequency of 1.7MHz-2.4MHz in the original technical solution, and used a higher vibration frequency. frequency to enhance the atomization effect.

In terms of battery life, the research team improved the power of the circuit board, matched the performance of the device with the atomizer bomb, and used a large-capacity battery. It is reported that the current device has a battery life of about 400-500 ports. The person in charge of its marketing department said that in the future, it will not rule out the use of sodium-ion batteries in order to improve battery life.

However, the person in charge also said that the current ultrasonic products have a lot of room for improvement in terms of user experience and atomization fineness. The technical solution is still being improved, and more perfect products will be presented to consumers in the future. .

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