Can the atomizing core in the electronic cigarette atomizer be cleaned?

There are two types of electronic cigarette vaporizers, one is a disposable cartridge type, the most typical one is our company’s Kangcheng Yipin new generation of anti-scalding pods, each cartridge can smoke between 200-250 puffs , which is equivalent to 15 cigarettes, and new cartridges are replaced after smoking. There is also a secondary atomizer that can add smoke liquid cyclically. What we are going to discuss today is the daily maintenance of the refillable atomizer.

Can the atomizing core in the electronic cigarette atomizer be washed? There are posts on the Internet about the cleaning method of the atomizing core in the refilling atomizer. Some say wash it with water, then air dry, and some say add vinegar to water Add the nebulizer, then boil it with boiling water and air dry. For a time, there are different opinions on the maintenance method of atomizers on the Internet. These so-called experts have seriously misled our electronic cigarette friends, making everyone confused for a while. If consumers follow these methods to clean, it will cause a short circuit of the battery, the atomizer will not smoke, the taste of the e-liquid will change taste, etc., and it will cause an explosion (if there is no short circuit protection in the electronic cigarette battery). Although most electronic cigarette rods in our company have short circuit protection function, we still do not recommend you to adopt inappropriate maintenance methods.

As for the problem that the atomizer does not smoke after being cleaned by illegal methods, and the taste changes, the reason is that during the cleaning process, the hidden heating wire in the atomizing core is covered with water. Because it cannot be opened, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish. Whether it has been air-dried, the atomizer will be short-circuited during the re-use process, and the smoke will not be released. In addition, the oil guide rope in most of the refilling atomizers on the market is not concealed. There is also the fact that consumers do not know the material of the atomizer, some are glass, some are PC material, and high temperature heating and cooking will not work.

In fact, no matter what type of atomizer it is, it cannot be cleaned casually. If you feel that the amount of smoke is relatively small, or when the suction is heavy, you only need to replace the atomizer or atomizing core. Kangcheng Yipin’s secondary oil-filled atomizer has a service life of about 10,000 times, and any product has a lifespan, so when the above situation occurs in the atomizer, it means that it should be replaced, otherwise the atomizing liquid cannot be fully Atomization will affect the taste of liquid smoke, and the effect of use will be greatly reduced.

In order to reduce the use cost of customers and friends, we will launch a detachable atomizer. This atomizer does not need to replace the whole one, but only needs to replace the atomizing core in the atomizer. The cost is between 10-15 , compared to replacing the entire atomizer, the cost is greatly reduced by half.

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