Can medical absorbent cotton be used as e-cigarette oil guide cotton?

Start to make silk by yourself, buy materials, start changing oil-conducting cotton, and come on. I’m using a reservoir DIY atomizer. very useful. Just buy a roll for yourself. To popularize medical absorbent cotton: degreased cotton (degreasing cotton) refers to cotton that has been chemically treated to remove fat. It is made from raw cotton by removing impurities, degreasing, bleaching, washing, drying and finishing. Absorbs liquids more easily than ordinary cotton, is a hygiene product, and is also used to make nitrocellulose. Also known as cotton wool, love ordinary cotton easily absorbs liquids.

It is still relatively numb to the taste, and some players cannot taste the taste of cotton. However, after using it for a period of time, beginner players will find that the cotton is easy to break when wearing cotton, and secondly, the cotton is easy to get dirty, and the player will find that the taste will be different from that of the cotton specially used for electronic cigarettes. In addition, absorbent cotton is not resistant to burning, and its oil storage capacity is not as good as that of electronic cigarette special cotton, and it is easy to burn the cotton, and the cotton is easy to change color. It is recommended to buy organic cotton

The whole roll of medical absorbent cotton has not been used, but medical absorbent cotton balls have been used. A small ball, along the direction of the curl, make a loose cotton sliver, just enough for a double hair of 3.0 circle diameter, and 2.5 circle diameter, I personally feel that a small strip needs to be torn off. Before comparing, I think it is very useful. Later, I got some madman cotton, and after I bought some unknown cotton pads for e-liquid, the comparison was only harmful. I found that the absorbent cotton balls have a more obvious cotton smell, and the first 5-6 mouths of the lighter-flavored e-liquid have an odor. The oil conductivity is not much different from that of cotton, and there is a certain gap with madman cotton. When using cotton pads and madman cotton, I did not experience a noticeable odor. In addition, the cotton filaments of the cotton ball are short in length, especially after the cotton feet are loosened, the cotton is easy to break, and it is easy to become a suction port when the suction is violent.

The oil guiding speed is quite good, but there is a bit of cotton smell, especially when exhaling, the feeling is still a little obvious, and the toughness is slightly poor, if the cotton is too tight, it is easy to break when the core is too tight. It is best to change the cotton after a tank of oil. Anyway, sterile cotton balls are still very convenient to use. The taste atomizer is still honest and practical Muji, and it is not bad to use cotton balls when you want a big smoke.


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