Can a shared power bank charge e-cigarettes?

Many friends suddenly run out of power when they smoke e-cigarettes, but they are outside and cannot be charged at any time. Can the shared power bank be able to charge e-cigarettes? This is the question of many friends.

Generally speaking, according to the output power, there are three types of power banks on the market: 1. Fixed output: output 5V-1A, the maximum output wattage is 5W, which belongs to the early small-capacity power bank 2. Intelligent judgment output output 5V-2A, maximum output 10W; 3. Fast charging power bank, fast charging power bank must complete the fast charging function, but also conform to its own charging protocol.

Electronic cigarettes generally use a 5V charging head, which is the standard voltage and current from the labeled data, so mainstream shared charging treasures can charge electronic cigarettes.

Today’s shared power banks are equipped with three charging cables, which can be applied to all electronic devices. One charging cable with a common interface for Apple mobile phones, and two Android charging cables with different interfaces for Android, that is, usb and type- c, can basically meet the needs of electronic cigarettes.

Can a shared power bank charge e-cigarettes? To sum up, the shared power bank can charge e-cigarettes, so everyone can directly use the shared power bank to charge the electronic cigarette, but it is not recommended that you use the fast charging power bank, because the output voltage of this type will be larger, Most electronic cigarettes do not support fast charging.

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