Are e-cigarette cartridges universal?

At present, the cartridges of all electronic cigarette brands are not universal, that is, RELX can only be used on RELX electronic cigarettes, and yooz can only be used on yooz cigarette rods, and the two cannot be used universally.

But at present, there are a lot of universal pod brands on the market, such as Weike, Luluo, Misty, Yuanqi, WDG and ZK. yooz wildcard.

So can these wildcards be used? The answer is yes, some general-purpose pods are also very good, and there is no problem in buying the ones produced by regular manufacturers. In fact, compared with the official version, the general price is mainly cheaper and the cost performance is relatively high. Most of the official version will have a better taste. After all, the price is there. I think the general taste is generally lighter and more watery, but there are also good ones. It’s up to your own personal taste.

But this will affect the sales of electronic cigarette brands, because they all buy universal pods, so what about these brands’ own pods? In addition, the cost of wild-type pods is low, so they have a price advantage, which makes many brands of pods uncompetitive.

But now like RELX and Feiwo have started to make low-priced pods, this is also the beginning of the e-cigarette brand’s crackdown on wild-type pods.

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