Are Bluetooth electronic cigarettes a trend?

I saw a Juul news on a foreign website. Probably something like this:

At the end of the month, Juul opened its first Canadian retail store in Toronto at 495 Queen Street West. Health Canada believes that “vaping is less harmful than smoking”, so they support Juul’s opening of directly-operated stores in Canada, and believe that offline stores can be used as educational places for e-cigarettes.

Meanwhile, Juul co-founder James Monsees is participating in a U.S. congressional hearing on the surge in Juul use among youth.

Monsees sees e-cigarettes as “a satisfactory alternative to combustible cigarettes,” intended for adults and for those who want to quit smoking but can’t, and the direct retail store is where Juul talks directly to adult smokers about the product . Juul will try to prevent teenagers from contacting e-cigarettes, and by connecting the device, it can effectively prevent minors from using it.

The connection device Monsees mentioned is the Bluetooth device involved in juul’s new second-generation product. For now, Juul doesn’t reveal much about what Bluetooth enables, other than saying that customers can monitor their nicotine intake through an Android app. While Canada is the first test market, the device is available online and in-store. Monsees believes that Bluetooth-connected devices will provide current adult smokers with features they find valuable.

In fact, the Bluetooth function is nothing new. In 2017, the first-generation products of Shanlan have added a Bluetooth module. At that time, I just came into contact with electronic cigarettes, and my friends and I also discussed the Bluetooth function of Dashanlan. If I remember correctly, Dashanlan’s bluetooth mainly uses voltage regulation and child lock. The voltage regulation is to retain the functional requirements of the big smoke. The idea of ​​​​the child lock is still very advanced. I pay tribute to this idea of Shanlan.

My friends also highly praise Dashanlan’s Bluetooth design for two reasons. First, smart hardware is a trend, and the interface is friendly to mobile phones and can be expanded. Second, Bluetooth can make the electronic cigarette no longer need to design physical buttons, and the whole will be very beautiful. However, I was not optimistic at the time, for two reasons. First, in 2017, China’s electronic cigarette market is still in its infancy, and the popularity of the market is too low. It was a market dominated by large smog, and domestic nicotine cigarettes have not yet appeared. Even if smart hardware is the trend, for electronic cigarettes In other words, the basic needs have not been solved, and Bluetooth is too early. Second, the function implemented by Bluetooth is wrong. At that time, there should be very few teenagers using electronic cigarettes, and the child lock was a very advanced thing, and adjusting the voltage through Bluetooth is not as convenient as using the physical button on the machine. Just imagine, every time you adjust the voltage, you have to turn on the phone, wait for the Bluetooth connection, and then open the app to adjust. In other words, this design makes it inconvenient for users. Of course, I admit that it would look better without physical keys, but still, for us Chinese, pragmatism is definitely the mainstream culture. Good-looking is not practical, it may only be a niche product.

I have absolutely no intention of criticizing Shanlan. I have always paid the highest

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