About the taste of electronic cigarettes: a cigarette smell, a life

A person’s life is full of pros and cons. Maybe today you are arrogant and proud, and the clubhouse is surrounded by tender models. Maybe you will lose your clothes and shoes in a few years, and live on the street with a bowl that is missing a piece of money. The performance art; or the happy and sweet warm time, because of the unexpected things that God does not care about, and let life fall into darkness. Life is like a taste, the ups and downs are all experienced by us, but it is a matter that cannot be flattened. When you are old, you can savor it carefully and realize that this life is colorful and has a long aftertaste. Close your eyes and smoke to understand the smell of smoke and a period of life.

The ups and downs of life always take time to accompany, but the taste of e-liquid needs us to learn to taste. Some people tell you, “Smell XX e-juice slowly and taste it slowly, you will feel very good, the taste will change from bitter to sweet, from astringent to smooth, from light to strong, from strong to light”. But after listening to it, you have absolutely no idea how this taste came from, it is completely beautiful and that feeling, maybe you will be, is it a problem of poles and data? If you change it to the same, you still can’t get the same feeling. Could it be that you can only smoke, but you can’t taste it? Maybe I can tell you why.
In fact, taste comes more from one’s own taste and living habits. From childhood to adulthood, the understanding of life and taste preference is one of the important factors that affect one’s taste in taste.
In addition, everyone’s G-spot for e-cigarettes is different. Some people like big cigarettes, and it’s not good for you to let them smoke small cigarettes. You ask the person who smokes small cigarettes to play with big cigarettes. It is estimated that he thinks that the smell is nothing but choking. Therefore, subjective preference still has a significant impact on the taste.
In fact, the feeling of taste, as I said at the beginning, a cigarette smell, a period of life. Your taste preference is the result of your decades of life. Simple and direct, purely by reason.
The small details of smoking are different for everyone, and the way to master it is also different. Is there anything special about your way of smoking that makes people feel unexpected? Everyone is welcome to share.

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