2022 Top Ten Lists of Electronic Cigarettes

With the rapid development of the domestic e-cigarette industry, consumers also have more new understanding of e-cigarette products. Compared with traditional cigarettes, it does have many advantages, which makes many smokers “obsessed” and began to abandon traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes choose electronic cigarettes. Today, let’s take a look at the top ten e-cigarette brands and see which ones have you used?

1st place in the top ten list of e-cigarettes in 2022: RELX

Positive rating: 93.67%

Reasons for listing: RELX is a domestic pod vape brand, which started early in China and occupies a lot of domestic market share. Its electronic cigarette products include RELX first-generation refillable electronic cigarettes, RELX Alpha refillable atomized cigarettes and Nano Disposable cigarettes. Fog Core Technology accelerates the transformation of the world’s 1 billion smokers to a healthier and more pleasant way of smoking. It is affiliated to Shenzhen Fog Core Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research and development of electronic cigarettes. It is the company with the most mature brand building in the 2022 word-of-mouth electronic cigarette top 10 list.


Brand Index: 9.8

Second place in the top ten e-cigarette rankings in 2022: CRLBAR

Positive rating: 92.61%


Reason for listing: CRLBAR, as a first-line international e-cigarette brand under NUOCAI, has a full range of e-cigarette products, covering entry-level to fever-grade products, and a series of revolutionary technologies and subversive products continue to lead the new trend of technology and innovation in the e-cigarette industry. . High quality control, extremely low oil leakage rate, high appearance, more convenient charging with Type-C data cable, multiple choices of flavors, and high cost performance, it is very suitable for the needs of the public and young consumers. It is the most beautiful brand in the 2022 word-of-mouth electronic cigarette top 10 list.

Brand Index: 9.8

The third place in the top ten e-cigarette rankings in 2022: MOTI Magic Flute

Positive rating: 92.98%

Reason for listing: MOTI electronic cigarette was founded in 2018. As a new electronic cigarette, it has been well received by smokers since its launch. After three generations of product innovation, MOTI completed the brand and product upgrades across the board in 2018 and entered the domestic market. It is the most suitable brand for old players in the 2022 word-of-mouth electronic cigarette top 10 list.

Brand Index: 9.3

The fourth place in the top ten e-cigarette rankings in 2022: vitavp only it

Positive rating: 94.18%

Reason for listing: vitavp is the first national high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic atomization in Beijing. It has gone through a lot of tests to win the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”-including several indicators such as enterprise innovation ability, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, proportion of enterprise research and development expenses, and research and development organization and management level, all of which have been strictly controlled. The evaluation was finally reviewed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and it was successfully shortlisted after layers of screening by relevant expert groups. It is the most cost-effective brand in the 2022 word-of-mouth electronic cigarette top 10 list.

Brand Index: 9.2

The fifth place in the top ten list of electronic cigarettes in 2022: Isaig

Positive rating: 95.02%

Why it’s on the list: Essager is one of the leading manufacturers of e-cigarette products. Founded in 2003, the company’s electronic cigarettes have a similar appearance to real cigarettes and taste similar to real cigarettes. This brand has more than 200 flavors and more than 7,000 choices, which meets the needs of the majority of smokers and is a good smoking cessation product.

Brand Index: 9.2

The sixth place in the top ten list of electronic cigarettes in 2022: YOOZ grapefruit

Positive rating: 91.45%

Reasons for listing: YOOZ was established at the end of 2018 by Cai Yuedong, the founder of Uncle Tongdao. On January 20, 19, Cai Yuedong announced in the circle of friends that YOOZ electronic cigarettes will be available for sale, and only rely on the accounts of circle of friends, KOLs, and Internet celebrities to forward and promote them. On the first day of spot sales, it reached a turnover of 5 million. It is the brand with the most flavor choices in the 2022 word-of-mouth electronic cigarette top 10 list.

Brand Index: 9.1

Seventh place in the top ten e-cigarette rankings in 2022: Smoke

Positive rating: 96.39%

Reason for making the list: As an international first-line brand of electronic cigarettes under Shenzhen Avipus Technology Co., Ltd., Smoke has a full range of electronic cigarette products, covering entry-level to fever-grade products. The brand focuses on the mid-to-high-end market, and is committed to creating excellent products with stable performance, stylish appearance and good quality for global e-cigarette players. With its excellent product experience and perfect after-sales service, the SMOK brand has won the praise of the industry!

Brand Index: 8.8

Eighth place in the top ten e-cigarette rankings in 2022: Hualimen

Positive rating: 95.92%

Reasons for listing: Hualimen electronic cigarette is a brand operated by Shenzhen Augustus Technology Co., Ltd. Hualimen electronic cigarette is an electronic product that imitates cigarettes and has the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as cigarettes. It is a product that allows users to smoke after turning nicotine into vapor through atomization and other means.

Brand Index: 8.7

The ninth place in the top ten list of electronic cigarettes in 2022: AAAVAPE Positive rating: 79.98% Why it’s on the list: AAAVAPE is an e-cigarette company that provides atomizers, replaceable heating coils and high-capacity batteries for E-vod products. The company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is an electronic cigarette brand in China. The product has passed the ISO9001 certification and is a national inspection-free product, which is loved by the vast number of smokers abroad. Brand Index: 8.5 The tenth place in the top ten e-cigarettes list in 2022: OWQ e-cigarette Positive rating: 79.98% Reasons for listing: OWQ electronic cigarettes are developed and produced by Hong Kong manufacturers in my country. They follow the international high-end route. The price and performance are comparable to those of European and American first-line brands, but the price is lower than that of other European and American brands of electronic cigarettes. It has been selling well in Europe, America, Switzerland and other countries for many years. relevant agency. Brand Index: 8.2

www.zdyop.com   ZD


www.greensoundtech.com    GREEN SOUND


www.sujiada.com   SJD


www.stigpods.com.cn   STIG


www.dekangbio.com   TIA


www.innokin.cn   INNOKIN


www.gippro.jp   GIPPRO


www.gippro.org   GIPPRO


www.myuwell.com   GABRIEL


www.romioecig.com   romio


www.allo.cn   ALLO


www.sigelei.cn   SIGELEI


www.tugboatvape.com   TUGBOAT


www.innokin.cn    INNOKIN

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