12 major ceramic coil and cotton coilatomization technology brand solutions in the electronic cigarette industry

The atomizing coil is the key component of electronic cigarette equipment. It is known as the “heart of electronic cigarette equipment” and is the coil competitiveness of major manufacturers in the industry. It can be said that whoever masters the coil technology of atomizing coil will occupy the The industry’s voice and dominance.

At present, there are two mainstream atomizing coils for electronic cigarette devices, including ceramic coils and cotton coils. Ceramic coils are further divided into honeycomb ceramics, mesh ceramics, foam ceramics, and microporous ceramics. The cotton coilhas undergone several iterations of materials such as absorbent cotton-organic cotton-rayon-bacon cotton.

For a long time, the industry has been arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic and cotton coils. Judging from the current market feedback, the electronic cigarette devices circulating on the market mainly use ceramic coils widely.

Electronic cigarette industry

The following summarizes the main 12 major ceramic coil and cotton coil atomization technology brand solutions in the domestic electronic cigarette industry. Each has its own advantages. It is not for ranking and comparative analysis.

  1. SILMO ceramic coil

SILMO, based on thick-film ceramic heating element technology, is an atomization technology solution launched by Zhuolineng Technology. At present, the technical solution has been upgraded to the third generation, namely SILMO 3.0. Silmo 3.0 is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of electronic atomization technology. It is specially designed for low-power atomizing equipment, which not only meticulously restores the best taste of various types of atomizing liquids, but also perfectly interprets the explosive power of low-power heating elements.

ALD/ALD, founded in Shenzhen, China in 2009, is the world’s leading high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of electronic atomization technology. The business covers different fields such as electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), inhalation medical atomization device (CBD Vaporizer) and low temperature non-combustion hardware (HnB Device).

  1. AX ceramiccoil

AX big smoke meshcoil ceramic is the sixth generation atomization technology product released by Shenzhen Huachengda Precision. AX large smoke meshcoil ceramics can atomize such a delicate large smoke. In addition to the advantages of double meshcoil heating, the formula and sintering process of the ceramics have undergone scientific research and repeated tests.

Huachengda (HCD) has been engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of atomizing coils for more than ten years. It has four factories with a factory area of ​​30,000 square meters, more than 1,000 sets of automated production equipment, multiple 100,000-level dust-free workshops and R&D, The testing laboratory is the world’s largest manufacturer of atomizing coils, supplying more than 1.5 billion pcs of atomizing coils to the world every year, accounting for more than 50% of the total global atomizing coils.

  1. BCORE ceramic coil

BCORE is a new type of heating element released by Bodi, which is produced by “composite embedding” technology with independent intellectual property rights. This technology has given a new definition of ceramic atomizingcoil, not only technical innovation, but also has its own advantages in product characteristics and user experience. At present, Bodi has launched the BCORE 2.0 ceramic atomizing coil.

Founded in 2008, Bodi Group is one of the earliest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the industry integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales.

  1. FEELM ceramic coil

FEELM is an atomization technology brand launched by the main company of Smoor, Maxwell Technology. The black ceramic film-coated atomizing coil developed by FEELM is called “Intel in the field of atomization”, and brings atomization from the technical field to the cutting-edge technology track from the breakthrough of basic science.

Smol International is a global leader in providing atomization technology solutions. According to Frost & Sullivan, as of the end of 2019, Smol International was the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic atomization equipment, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share. It has a number of coil patented technologies in the fields of atomizing coils, ceramic heating elements and electronic atomizers, and has applied for more than 1,800 domestic and foreign patents so far.

  1. Purlava ceramic coil

Purlava?, based on a new generation of printed ceramic heating technology, is the fifth generation of ceramic heating element technology released by Oneyuan Group, also known as the 5G new generation of atomization technology. Purlava? is used to highlight the biggest highlight of the new technology: purity. At the same time, compared with previous generations of atomization methods, the liquid guiding, liquid locking, taste and atomization efficiency have been significantly improved.

Founded in 2004, Onewin Group is a world-renowned electronic atomization technology solution provider, a high-tech enterprise integrating product design, integrated manufacturing, quality assurance and supply chain management. Establish cooperation with chemical brand companies to provide different types of OEM/ODM services.

  1. μKERA? ceramic coil

μKERA?, based on the microporous ceramic atomization technology, is the eighth technology brand released by JWEI Group, the parent company of Zhuo Er Yue. μKERA adopts a new generation of micron-level technology processing platform with independent intellectual property rights, which can design and manufacture e-liquid heating elements suitable for different densities, so that the e-liquid and heating elements are perfectly matched, and fully form atomized smoke with rich taste, which can bring customers Have a great experience.

Juwei Group is a leader in the global vaping industry. It was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Changzhou, Jiangsu. The group has been committed to the development and innovation of product technology and the sustainable development of the industry. As a leader in technological innovation and product manufacturing in the global vaping industry, Juwei Group aims to provide high-quality products and services to customers around the world. Over the past ten years, Juwei Group has successfully incubated a number of world-renowned brands, including Joyetech, Eleaf and Wismec.

  1. BEEM CORE ceramic coil

BEEM CORE is a ceramic coil-based atomization technology brand and solution launched by BYD Electronics. The BEEM CORE ceramic coil adopts a leadless design, which further avoids possible heavy metal pollution due to no metal solder joints.

As a giant in traditional manufacturing, BYD Electronics has a wide range of businesses. At present, the electronic cigarette business is only one of its many industries. BYD Electronics has entered the electronic cigarette industry since the end of 2020. In the first half of this year, BYD Electronics has completed the patent layout and mass-produced products. In addition, BYD Electronics has been deeply involved in electronic manufacturing for many years. It has a professional team and comprehensive research and development capabilities. Innovation and patent layout have laid a solid foundation for entering the e-cigarette industry.

  1. GENE TREE ceramic coil

GENE TREE is a ceramic coil technology brand based on nano crystals launched by ICCPP. It adopts self-developed powder-free innovative technology to break the bottleneck of traditional ceramic coil sticking and powder dropping, and truly realize pure suction products. experience.

As a global technology group integrating technology research and development, product design, modern manufacturing, and brand operation, Jier Technology has operations in 50 countries and regions around the world, creating a collection of VOOPOO, ZOVOO fog maker, GENE, Jier Wisdom Factory as one of the multi-brand strategy.

  1. VFly cottoncoil

VFly is a cotton wick atomization technology solution launched by Skoll Laboratories. The VFly atomization technology improves the taste by more than 25%, the flavor restoration is better, and the service life is increased by 80%, which is more durable. At present, the main e-cigarette brands including VPO, INS, Hualimen, and Langyantianxia have all used the platform’s atomization technology.

Skoll was established in 2013. In 2018, Yinghe Technology acquired a 51% stake in Skoll, and Skoll officially became a subsidiary of a listed company, with product lines including electronic atomization equipment, CBD smoking sets, and heat not burn.

  1. XPerience cotton coil

XPerience, the latest overall atomization technology solution launched by ZIPPO VAZO, is a breakthrough result incorporating the third-generation cotton wick technology, which greatly solves the problems of “fried oil”, “oil leakage” and “condensate”, while improving the The most extreme taste experience for users.

VAZO is the brand of ZIPPO MANUFACTURING COMPANY, committed to continuing the spirit of Zippo, cross-border e-cigarette industry, and provide smokers with international standard cigarette replacement products.

  1. Flashwicks cotton coil

FLASHWICKS, co-founded by its founder Liu Dongyuan and the material science team of the University of California, became the global TOP2 oil-conducting cotton/heating wire brand in 2017.

vitavp is the leading entrepreneurial brand in the field of electronic atomization. It was born in 2015. The founder/CEO Liu Dongyuan is a designer of electronic atomizers, senior product experts, and famous musicians. He has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly ten years. In recent years, with rich professional background, we are committed to creating all-round and three-dimensional products.

  1. sensit cotton coil

sensit is a cotton wick atomization solution proposed by Aspire. It is an atomization technology platform based on cotton wick. It focuses on stable taste, pure pleasure and smooth enjoyment.

Aspire’s main company-Shenzhen Yijiate Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, focusing on the original research and development and independent production of healthy electronic cigarette products. A series of revolutionary technologies and subversive products continue to lead the technology and innovation of the electronic cigarette industry. new trend.

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